Item Stuck On Cursor Bug

This seems to be happening more and more often lately. Whenever I switch channels or zones or open certain menus, if I don’t wait at least a few seconds before attempting to right-click an item I then can no longer right-click anything and if I left-click an item it gets stuck on my cursor. After this occurs you cannot interact with any items in your inventory.

Hitting F4 and entering the currency exchange used to fix this but it no longer seems to work, the only fix is to go to Character Select and back out.

Can you please look into fixing this? I know others in my guild are also affected by this bug. It does not seem to be related to a “stuck key” type error like I originally thought.


it happens to me everytime i finish Boss Rush and Abysal dungeons. and during warp inside those places. so yeah. No FIX has been made. only empty proimisses by the incompetent people working on this game. but still. imma give this game a shot. even though its P2W game.

Hello, @Revostaea

I’ll be moving this topic to the bug report section in order to give it proper visibility.