Items Claimed from Product Inventory Completely Gone

Greetings support team - first of all, thank you for your hard work and dedication,

So last night there were a number of ongoing issues with the marketplace, as many people are aware. Like so many others, I had items in my Product Inventory - but unlike most people I was actually able to see them and press “claim items”. Unfortunately, the only message I got was something in lines with “The Marketplace is currently busy, please try again later” and I thought nothing more of it. … Until 4 hours later when I randomly got a message saying “Product Received!” - while there was absolutely nothing in my inventory. And after that, both items disappeared from the Product Inventory all together. The missing items are the following:

The Celebration Gift Package, opened by “Dezolve” on the server Thaemine.
Destruction Fragments (Bound), opened on “Deztacia” on the server Thaemine.

Look, I don’t even want to rush you guys with getting my stuff back asap - I can wait while everything gets sorted out - I just want to know that this is a known issue and that this particular issue with products being labelled as “claimed”, yet are missing is included in the fix that is upcoming. (I do not appear to be the only one with this issue, judging by Twitter).

Right now I am just feeling anxious that I literally just lost these items to the great void, and won’t be getting them back at all since they were registered as “claimed” although I literally did not get anything.


This happened to me as well, 2 of my friends managed to claim it(Launch Gift). When I went to I got an error saying slow response time, then about an hour after it said product claimed and it never showed up in my inventory.

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Hello @Dezeption and @sprig285, welcome to the Lost Ark forums! :slight_smile:

I have information about this issue, that was posted here: Update on Current Top Issues

Missing Premium Content and Store

We have received reports and have confirmed that items are missing from Product Inventory, the Store is unavailable in-game, and Crystalline Auras are missing from characters.

While these things sound like they could be different issues, they are actually all linked to one root cause. For these entitlements, two different servers need to talk to each other, the game server and the commerce server. Right now there is an issue where the commerce server, due to the massive load that it is experiencing from how many people are playing Lost Ark, fails to properly communicate with the game server. This is why sometimes you can see and claim your items, make purchases from the store, and see that your Crystalline Aura is active and working, while other times you can’t. It’s the intermittency that caused our team to investigate the issue for so long before we could give a meaningful update. We have seen that while these items appear to not be on your account, they are still entitled to you.

To address this specific issue, we need to have a client patch. That patch is currently being built by Smilegate RPG and we are hoping to include this fix in our next update which we are prepping for this coming week. It is our understanding that after this patch is delivered, most of the major commerce related issues will work correctly.

For Crystalline Aura specifically, we know that this is a paid premium account benefit that has a timer associated with it. We are actively investigating this issue.

I hope this clarifies your questions, please keep an eye out on that post for more updates on the matter!



Thank you for answer. Communication is key in situations like this and we finally have something.


To me this seems like a separate issue, the post says nothing about items that the game thinks are claimed but are nowhere to be seen.

I think I have the same issue with the Hoverboard Neugier Gold Mount. It’s just not coming to my product inventory, even when it is working. I’ve received other items since then, like the bonus Founder’s Pack.

Character: Banchou
Server: Thirain

Apart from the item delivery problem, it seems like there’s actually also a separate issue where items get lost in limbo after an attempted claim when servers weren’t working. I fear that we won’t get these items even when the commerce server issue is fixed. Has this been looked into?

Also, every support communication refers to the same week old thread you linked here. Where is this patch?

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Hello there! :smiley:

As @Dezeption said here:

We can clearly see that the issue is regarding the Product Inventory and the Marketplace (Store), which is addressed here.

In regards to your question here:

This was also clarified here in the post:

So even if they don’t show, they are still entitled to the players account! :slight_smile:

For this question:

Yes, all issues that are being reported are being looked into, if you read the whole post you will find this at the bottom:

Collecting all bugs and issues

In addition to the items above, we want to thank everyone for their help reporting bugs and issues they are finding. Community, Customer Support and QA are actively tracking and reporting all issues that are sent to us. Our Production team, Economy team, Live Operations team and our developers at Smilegate RPG are processing and prioritizing those reports. We will be taking steps to improve our communication with our community on reported issues.

Thank you for all your continued support. We are humbled by the passion and excitement you all have for Lost Ark.

And finally for this part:

This was answered here:

Let me know if you have further questions! :smiley:


Thank you very much for your quick and elaborate response.

I had indeed read the post that you referred to, but just like Banchou I was worried that this might be a separate case since I actually received a message saying the items were claimed, instead of having them just vanish without notice before I could claim them.

I am very relieved to hear that this specific situation is also considered by the devs and that it will (hopefully) be fixed with the next patch.

I would like to humbly suggest to add a notification to the original dev-post to clarify that items that were announced as claimed but then never showed up is also included in the addressed issue. I have seen a lot of worried people on Twitter so I am sure that it would calm a lot of people down. :slight_smile:

Thank you yet again for your hard work.


I’m happy to hear that I was able to clarify it to you! :smiley:

I will for sure raise your concern and feedback to our mod team!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


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mine to and my crystals gone too

Reiterating my point because I see CM’s elsewhere say that shop is now stable after yesterday’s hotfix, but I’m still not seeing the Hoverboard Neugier mount. Everything else has been delivered just fine.

I’ve had support acknowledge that my account is entitled to the mount but I’m afraid anything wont be done to actually make sure it gets delivered, since the shop is now “fixed”…

Just happened to me as well fk sake, as for me it was like 10+ mari secret shop items. How it happened is as follow. I bought my items. then I quited from the shop and clicked on the product inventory top left corner. I pressed claim selected. it ask me if I want to claim it with this current character I pressed ok then POOF nothing! wasted like 10$ on this like… really

Update: after 9 days of waiting, after today’s maintenance, the Hoverboard appeared in my product inventory and has been successfully claimed!

Wooo! Happy to hear that someone got their stuff back! :smiley:

Unfortunately, I am still out of luck. I have not seen any of the items I’ve lost - neither the celebration package nor the Destruction Fragments. :frowning: I would really feel a lot more comfortable if they communicated a bit better. A simple tweet or post saying "We have seemingly found a solution for those who did not receive their reclaimed products! Be patient while we make sure everything finds its way to their rightful owners - it might take a few days! :slight_smile: "

Either way, fingers crossed that everything will turn up soon then! I have been quite worried since there was a huge fix-patch, but I have not seen anyone had their items returned (if they were claimed and lost) until now! :smiley:

Hello people, I just managed to contact live support as I was having some questions regarding the nature of the issue we’re facing, and of course, because I am curious why some people are getting their items while others are not.

While the support were dodging the questions a bit at first, I politely kept asking until I got straight answers and I want to share the information I got with the people suffering from the same issue as me:

  1. While this issue [[items being claimed, but not showing up]], might seem like a separate issue from the Crystalline Aura and the Founder’s Pack - it is in fact not. In all cases there are clear information on our accounts to let the support know we are “entitled” to said aura/founder’s pack/items on whichever character we claimed them on, even if they were listed as “claimed” to us. In other words, the product(s) are registered on our accounts/characters, so we do not have to worry about that. :slight_smile:

  2. Unfortunately, the technical team has instructed the support not to help individual cases until a permanent fix-patch goes live. So, the support cannot (or rather wont) help you retrieve the items you’ve lost right now.

  3. HOWEVER, he also said (after being asked specifically) that he cannot guarantee that the items will actually show up after the permanent repair patch. I then asked him what I am supposed to do if I still have not received my items once the patch goes live, and the only answer he had was “contact us again.” Maybe I am just being moody and distrustful right now, but I did not really feel comforted at all by this.

All in all, the conversation was slightly informative, but not very helpful and I would be lying if I said that I am not disappointed. I guess all we can do now is to wait for the “fix-patch” and pray that we actually get our stuff back. In normal cases, I’d be fairly certain that if nothing else - the support should help us if we’re still struggling after the patch but to be quite honest… This entire launch has been such a bumpy ride that I cannot bring myself to feel hopeful. The entire chat between myself and the support has been logged. :slight_smile: Best wishes to all of you, fingers crossed that people continue to get their stuff back.

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Happened to me too, missing 30 days from the platinum pack.

Yeah, as we had the exact same issue though, I advice to not lose faith, as my situation randomly resolved itself. I think there might be some sort of a bottleneck and these issues get sorted through the servers bit-by-bit at the moment without the permanent fix.

I’m pretty confident that you’ll still get your items later on.

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Hi guys, I have exact problem like Dezeption.
Except I am missing The Celebration Gift Package, Bonus Platinum Founder’s Pack and some of twich drops.

I sent a ticket to support month ago, they recommended me to use live support. So I did it and live support rised another ticket with my problem…

After month without response, today I contacted live support again. They told me that they can’t help me. They can’t send these items again and that’s it.

I don’t care about tiwch drops or even The Celebration Gift, but I would like to have my Founder’s pack for which I paid and because servers problems at launch I was promised it If I switch to new server and start a new game.

So according to the answer from support, my items are completly lost and they won’t do anything about it.

I am sad and I think this is not fair.