Items descriptions need more information

I can’t decide whether some items would be good to wear or not based on their poor descriptions. I need to rely on forums responses.

Here are just a few examples:


  • How much chance? 50% chance? 5% chance? 1%? How am I supposed to know if this is worth using?


  • How much chance? I know KBW is worth to use if crit rate >60%, but only based on what people have tested. This is not a complete description.


  • Increase and reduce but how much? 12%? 5%? I mean, if Adrenaline and Mayhem engravings have a whole dissertation in their description, why can’t you just add the numbers here?

Please provide enough information in the item’s description so a player can decide whether it is worth using or not.


Hey there! We appreciate your feedback regarding item descriptions and I will get it passed along.

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