Items went poof

I had ~160 utility battle item chests in my roster storage, I right clicked on them to move them to my character storage. Then, from my character storage I right clicked again and the items disappeared. They are not in my character storage, roster storage, or personal storage for my character. One other thing to note was at the time, a queue for a guardian raid popped while I was moving around the items. Please help

Check your pet storage.

not there either

Hello @enzoh ,

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I am sorry to know that you are unable to find items in the storage.

Kindly perform steam integrity check and restart the game.

A PC restart may be required.

After this kindly check the inventory/storage on all characters and also pet inventory as recommended by @limitless (Thank you for helping the community! :sparkles:)

If issue persists let me know, along with the IGN and server.

Thank you! :magic_wand:

thank you for the response. i followed your steps and unfortunately, i still do not see the items.

IGN: Taloney
server: NA West Enviska

Thanks for trying. Let me check this on my end .

I will get back to you soon with an update.

I would like to add that, Lost Ark contains multiple storage locations that you can utilize. Make sure to try searching for your missing item in the following locations:

  • Product inventory
  • Character inventory
  • Pet inventory
  • Universal storage
    • Only shows up if you have at least one item inside.
    • Select ESC and then the Guide section.
  • Roster storage
    • Accessed via Storage Keep
  • Mailbox
  • Vendor buyback option

Take care!

checked all of these, thanks. will look forward to hearing back on your update.


Hello @enzoh ,

The item is still available in your personal storage.

Kindly recheck.

Thanks :slight_smile:

i see it now, thank you so much!

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