Its ASTA again (Server-Burning)

Hi there,

like the last 3 months ASTA is burning again with huge loading times (~3-5 minutes to change instances or characters).
Its not a BOT-problem becouse ASTA is the only server where this happens. Fells like a server-hardware or background-job problem. Could you check this? If it happens one time, okay, two times, okay. But actually this happens like 3+ times per week for several months without any solution. NOT talking about the bots or about the disconnects.

Heres a list where the problem occurs (since 13.11. wont seachting earlier dates). If i miss one, please comment and i will add it later.

Server problems 13.11.
13:00 ~ 2 hours

Server problems 19.11.
13:00 ~ 2 hours
19:00 ~ 1 hour

Server problems 20.11.
13:00 ~ 2 hours
19:00 ~ 2 hours

Server problems 24.11.
19:00 ~ 2 hours

Server problems 27.11.
12:00 ~ 1 hour
16:00 ~ 4 hours
20:15 - Server restart - still no checkup.

Server problems 28.11.
11:00 ~ 1 hour

Server problems 29.11.
19:00 ~ 1 hour 30min
Team looked deeper into the problem and eventually roll out a POSSIBLE fix on 30.11. Maintenance

Update 05.12.
Since the fix the ASTA only problem seems to be solved.


same, but they dont care

Waiting since 5 minutes in the loading screen and it’s not possible to use the auction house.

same here unplayable again

welcome back 5 min black screen during loading !

@Roxx @Maselbart Just increase the server capacities if you are not able to ban the bots…Sadge

It is a bot problem… because bots now use AH the server are on there limit…

its every time after pvp islands, so its not a bot problem!

Same for me. Kicked out of Vykas learning group after infinite loading screen and game closing… now i try to login back… if i click asta… endles loading and game closing again…
its frustrating…

It is…having the auction house issues since days

Its not a Bot-Problem becouse ASTA is the only Server affected. If it would be a Bot-Problem each Server would have this Problem. Im not talking abut the auction house. This is CLEARLY a Bot-Problem.

I searched for like 2 mins and see whats going on with ASTA:

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its not a bot problem … its a ASTA only problem. Something is wrong with the server settings or whatever … they have to restart the server now to fix it otherwise the whole sunday is a black loading screen simulator for all ASTA players.

@moderators @Maselbart @Roxx @Sandovall pls help us again… and just restart the server ASAP…

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It’s such a Shitshow, Servers Are Burning (MB Problem, Asta Long Loading Times, Disconnects) and no Dev Response in 2 Days…

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just a normal day on asta

Fix your Server or implement roster Transfer…

can‘t do my daily stuff with 3-5min load times

yeah sad noises 3 mains and 6 lopang alts on my todo :cry:

proof :confused:

just wait

small indie company


No chance to get on the server. Get kicked out of the game after every connection attempt

Cant even login