Its been 4 months since launch, and bots are are worse than launch

Lock the servers. Do it immediately and let it be locked for a couple of weeks until you fix bot players. No new player will be playing when every server has a que and nothing but bots. You have failed to control the problem, and somehow have made it worse.

You refuse to perma-ban RMT’s on first offence, you refuse to lock the server, and nothing you have done has stopped bots for longer than 24 hours. I have put nearly 1300 hours into this game, and you guys are driving it straight into the ground.

Stop with the “we hear you responses”. Stop with the “we are working on it” “its hard to control rmt” responses. The game has been out for 4 months. You have people who are payed to control this problem and you can’t do it in 4 months. What’s our guarantee you will do anything at all?

Nothing short of drastic immediate measures will fix this. The longer you go without implementing SOMETHING the worst its getting. You have lost the bot war, and you are losing the playerbase

Smilegate and Amazon:

Gamers are just so desensitized to this shit its crazy our CM’s are sitting here trying to reason and explain what is essentially the house being on fire. “we are working on it” No the house is already on fire.

“we need data to see which servers are affected by ques”, you say this stuff when its literally every server being effected. I can’t even describe how disappointing this is