I’m still dumbfounded whenever I try to do a guardian on an alt. The game has been out plenty long and I don’t get how this hasn’t been addressed yet. Even just making this there’re lists of “your topic is similar” complaining about guardian raids…PLEASE HEAR US

Why in god’s green earth can’t we Mount
We want some form of HP indicator besides the enrage phases
The monsters running is toxic trash, and no, buying Phermones doesn’t make it ok
Every one of these is overtuned based on a party idea when NO ONE EXISTS underneath T3

We want to play alts (because you darn near made it mandatory) but any matchmaking under T3 is 10+ mins minimum wait, and half the time there’s at least 1 guy in there who just walks in and dies 3 times.

Seriously if we wanted to play monster hunter WE’D PLAY ANY OF THE 10 MONSTER HUNTER GAMES…

These are really simple fixes, none of this is a huge ask, the community could easily be happier about this content for minimal work on your end, PLEASE!!


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