Its been a couple weeks, bots are worse, can we remove the 20 listing cap now?

As title states. There are less items available on Market since people arent posting as much cheaper stuff. Off Meta ability stones are scarce. Bots are much worse than they were prior to this change.

Can we please revert this change already? It is clearly not stopping bots or helping that issue and it is only screwing over regular players daily.

Thank you.


You think that was to prevent bots. You are a cutie.

This restriction was put in place to stop regular players profiting via bots by rerolling and flipping the gems for profit. Regular players earning gold without swiping is worthy of AGS’ attention.

Bots who reach the 20 sale limit selling gems can just fuse gems and spin up more bots to avoid the limit.

In many ways it helps bots as it raises the floor for an “acceptable sale”. It’s not worth for players to sell adventure tome for 3 gold now. Possibly running into trade restrictions for a few gold is dumb. As a result bots have much less human competition.

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How would it stop that? The only thing that would restrict is that they could “only” sell 20 level 9 or 10 gems per day. That’s a lot of gem flipping per day still.

This restriction isn’t stopping the gem flippers either.

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They openly said it was an action to combat bots. Still, they fail to fight bots at the origin of the issue.

Gem Wild Controversial Take: Want to know how to fix the Gem issue? Add a pheon cost to Gems and remove the Pheon cost from Ability stones. Pheon cost to buy Gem = Gem level. You cant flip ability stones and we have to cut so many to get a 7/7 or 9/7 it would be so nice.

I hate pheons but, I would be on board with this. It would kill Gem flippers, bots combining to sell and it would make the higher level and ideal gems more valuable, also while preventing low cost low level flips and combines between ‘regular’ players or bots.

Nothing AGS does will be successful. They are incompetent.

However restricting bots access to the servers is the obvious approach to preventing bots.
Limiting market usage per account targets normal 1-account players, not unlimited account bots.

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They openly lie. They claimed Pheongate was targeting “exploiters” because anyone who claimed 10 Pheons per character should have known it was a mistake and spent in bad faith. One month (and a Pheon FOMO bundle) later we receive 100 Pheons as a gift.

AGS will use “exploiting” or “ongoing battle with bots” as an excuse for anything, and hope their players are too small-minded to realize or too selfish to care.

If anything this impacts bus drivers, farmers and flippers the most. None of whom are bots and none of whom do much swiping. I doubt it has impacted bots whatsoever. If it does they just spin up an extra 25,000 bots which would only make the problem worse.

No need to worry here, two weeks ago they stated that they are preparing for another large ban wave. It will surely be implemented after Artist release.

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I just took these sceenshots from the NAE auction house. Let’s see how well the 20-item limit is working.



Shadowhunter: Shadowhunter Gems



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