Its been a month still no roadmap, when is it coming? SoonTM?

A month of the game being released, the update we got is bland and apart from the event offers no content towards non-whale players.
No honing changes yet, no new classes, no heroic guardian trials, no abyss trials. An abundance of missing content from Tiers 1 and 2 while the game is pushed into tier 3 and Argos raid. Rapport gold stealth nerfs to “combat bots” that apparently reached Feiton 960+ ilvl.
How long do we have to wait for a proper roadmap and update?


Maybe Monday, when it’s not the weekend. If not then, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. Maybe before the next maintenance. What are you expecting there to be in the roadmap?


last reply from roxx was 22h ago

so u will get either this thread removed or an answer in 2h xD

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We are currently working with our developer, Smilegate RPG, to rework our roadmap based on our most recent data on player progression and game telemetry. It is important to us that we communicate a vision of what is ahead but it is also important that we also want to make sure it is the right roadmap for our players. We will share updates as soon as everything is locked.


@Seawolf Any chance we could get a timeframe for when that is happening? Are we talking days, weeks or months from now?

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This is… More communication than we got for the last week asking for a road map update.
thanks @Seawolf!

I hope it comes rather sooner than later of course :slight_smile:

(btw I noticed that you did a lot of work and answering on the forums in the last hours with moving posts and questions etc.
It feels like something has changed lol)

My guess is weeks, but we should definitely frame whatever we communicate as subject to change based on player base game play data. We want to stay flexible and responsive with the content and features introduced to keep the game healthy and players happy.


If the reworked roadmap is based on data related to player progression, and argos released and less than 1% of the playerbase is able to access it, i’m assuming the reworked roadmap will prioritize getting us the honing patch that’ll make everyones lives easier, as well as getting us pvp vendor, abyss trials and challenge guardian raids so we have access to more mats, seeing as that content came out before argos anyway? And making mats roster bound completely and not character bound?

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Hopefully that roadmap is going to include the actual popular classes such as Lance Master.

Had the Argos patch included something like classes and the challenge content, and other horizontal content. You would have gotten a lot less blowback than releasing a patch that catered pretty much exclusively to whales.

I think you touched on a solid insight which is the first update since launch likely had things that weren’t right for where the playerbase currently is and we need to make sure that doesn’t happen again. We don’t want folks to feel like they are pressured to play or spend in order to keep up with new content. So a lot of thoughtful work is being done to make sure the roadmap servers our players.
I don’t have any information to share about the questions you are asking.


Why does player progression matter in case of a road map or future updates?

I mean the content is there and “just needs to be transferred” to the western version and I dont see any reason why some things shouldnt be added only because no one reached the necessary itemlevel yet or similiar things?

That’s a good question, my understanding is that if you introduce content that is far ahead of where the average player is, for example in terms of gear score, then players feel like they are pressured to pay or grind very hard in order to reach and enjoy that content and don’t want to be left behind.


Weeks as in time until we get a roadmap update?

I believe that’s where all the frustration is right now in relation to argos, where only those who have spent large amounts or have gotten very lucky in honing are able to access the new raid, in combination of no new content being introduced to help us achieve that required item level, or easing the honing process, but said content/updates existed in other regions first before argos.

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Thank you for your answer @Seawolf but to have a roadmap it can take weeks and not a few days ? Many are waiting

I don’t have a date on when the new roadmap will be published but it won’t be in the next few days. We’ll share that info as soon as possible.

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Are you telling us we spend thousands of mats just before you nerf honing ? Rly ?


Not sure who this question is directed toward but it seems unrelated to every statement I have made.


Save them till the update comes?
argos is not the promised land. We will catch up to there with the honing update :slight_smile:

Thanks SOOO MUCH! I personally really like this kind of communication, and it shows that at least one CM knows what is going on , yes the content will still be there, but the fact that it is new means people feel like they need to get there by spending more time or spending money, which is NOT how a game should be played. I’m not sure what switch turned on today but I (and many others i hope ) appreciate more RELEVANT communication and an understanding of why people are upset at the moment!

Edit: Im just glad we got some information on what’s going on behind the scenes in the creation of the roadmap( For some reason they were radio silent about everything until now). And from what seawolf has said their thought process is going in the right direction!

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