It's been almost a month since he was wrongfully banned

A good friend of mine was wrongfully banned of cheating hence the title… he’s never RMT’d/botted or “cheated” in any form or shape. It was another day of logging in and he tells me he was banned for cheating. He received error code “10010” and then after trying to log in got the message “banned”. Right after his ban he received this message
@Roxx, He has sent so much evidence of him proving he wasn’t cheating… He’s sent the error code he received, and it’s almost been a month since he has banned, and he’s not getting anymore responses.

He kept trying every single day, to get his account back after being banned.

If only someone looked into his account, they would see he hasn’t done anything wrongful that would Violate the Code of Conduct on Lost Ark, I hate to see him banned, we both played every single day together. Just seeing bots running around not being banned, while my friend who has done nothing wrong is banned for something he didnt do.


Small update, he just received this email


How sure are you


I’m 100% positive, we would always stream to each other, we would be doing different things at the same time, We would never risk our accounts for something not worth at all. I understand doubts of others, but we Respectfully play the game it’s meant to play.

How do you know 100% he didn’t cheat?


There’s no reason for cheating, we respectfully play the game as intended. What’s the point of risking an account with 1k+ hours on it. Not worth at all. But, i understand the doubt.

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It’s not doubt, I would say. It’s more the fact that no one is going to better defend your friend more than himself. And you’re obviously going to need a lot more than you currently have to build a better case. That being said there is always room for error and false bans. There’s another thread about the current ban/appeal system that has gained a lot of traction. Some of the posters there actually build good cases for themselves (better than you have here). You kinda get an idea how much monumental effort you’re going to need from there.

I understand that, he has sent his detailed tickets about the situation, it was just a ban out of no where, can’t really provide any details on this without knowing what he did, it’s just stated he was banned for “cheating”.

That’s the same thing they’re all going through also. And to various degrees. One player took a month to get unbanned after beating on barricade for too long. It’s pretty much guilty until proven innocent but there are a rare few of them actually managed to get unbanned. Until then, they’re all dealing with the same unnerving process as you and your friend sadly.

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Yeah i’ve seen alot of people going through the same thing, I just want this to be known that this is a massive problem to the Lost Ark community, people being wrongfully banned, and my friend was one of many, I’m putting it out there of what happened, and was banned for no reason. I just hope it’s resolved. That what matters most.

True and I agree. Threads like this are probably your best bet for any feedback for or from people in your position.

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Yeah, that’s what I hope for. Hopefully we find resolution on this situation, and I hope others do aswell.

Same. That particular thread might actually get a response though if it keeps roaring. I guess be on the lookout until then.


I will, thank you!

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Wasn’t one month enough for you to realize the game’s bad?

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And again one of those " My Friend got wrongfully banned" threads.
Too stupid that those “friends” cant defend themselfes, or dont have the guts to do so cuz they fear the shitstorm?!
Nah, prolly those good “friend” ist just the OP, got detected with cheating (botting or whatever) and tries his way back now, like all the other “Innocent” Friends in the past.
Good that AGS doesnt let you back ingame, oh I meant, your “friend” ofc…


“There is no reason”, “He couldn’t”, “I am 100% sure”, yeah yeah yeah, sounds like one of those stories where people get really disappointed in each other in the end. Basically to open your eyes a little bit - you are NOT 100% sure and you physically can’t be since you have not been watching him playing every single second right behind his back. Asking to look into it again? No problem. Saying that you are 100% sure they got him wrong? Childish, not OK, you’d better stop this.

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I mean I’m just saying people rob and steal everyday instead of just going to work. I had a friend that played bdo with me he got banned and I did exactly what your doing. Made posts on the forum, put in tickets for him, he finally felt bad for how much I was trying to get him unbanned and come to find out he was bot fishing. Just saying you might not know people as much as you think you do.


Slightly off topic, but might serve a life lesson. One of my roommates back when I was in college had a best friend (I think it was since grade school), and after he broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years, found out that they broke up because she’s going out with his best friend… But yeah, they’re no longer best friends. It’s nice to have confidence in your friends, but you need to be careful of who you vouch for.

However, if you are certain he’s been wrongfully banned and are a good friend to him, I would suggest moving on to a different game with him to be considerate of your friend’s situation (i.e., he didn’t do anything wrong and might get banned again for no reason, plus the hours he invested). If it’s a whole group of friends, I think the whole group should make the sacrifice to not leave anyone out, but that’s my own principles.


you are devil advocate

how can u possibly know he wasnt cheater

i once had a girlfriend i would give my hand for

and you know what ? today i would be without my fucking hand


and how u can know he was cheating? if he devil’s advocate u are a guy with torch who witch hunting

PS dont even tell me “if he gets banned he is guilty for sure” this is cringe xD

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