Its been over 2 weeks since in game Clock broke

In game clock doesnt show proper CET time!
It cant get simplier than that. Ingame clock shows 11:00 CET, when its 12:00 CET irl…


The funny part is that I’m actually used to it for now :smiley:
Just keep the time constant. Fixes, bugs, summer time etc… It is slightly annoying.

may i ask if the people saying that ingame clock is broken are living in states that don’t enforce daylight savings time? currently i live in a state that uses this garbage system (hopefully not much longer though) and my clock ingame matches the irl time.

Im an EU player. Im not bothered by ingame clock not matching my irl time but it clearly says CET, which is a lie, its neither CET or CES.
Im fine with clock being showing different time but saying its CET time is just lies. Especially troublesome when doing Guild events since its just confusing.

very unfortunate, hopefully a fix gets rolled out for you guys

The vast majority of Europe (green-yellow stripes) uses UTC+1 aka CET in winter and UTC+2 aka CEST in the summer. (CET = central european time, CEST = central european summer time)

The in-game clock is displaying time in CET which means it was designed for this majority of the target audience.

Now that all of these countries are on CEST, the server time is lagging 1 hour behind, which you need to constantly account for when looking at what hour events happen on the in-game calendar, and for example the sailing events are now scheduled from barely reasonable 20:30, to unreasonable 22:30 and 00:30. Not to mention more eastern countries have it even worse by 1 more hour than they already had it.

It’s a problem because the in-game clock is now showing wrong by 1 hour for the vast majority of the EU playerbase. Imo it should be correct for the biggest timezone, not the timezone only UK and Portugal are in.

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yeah i understand the issue now, was explained to me. i already understood how bad dealing with time changes are when dst happened over here so i understand the frustration.


Im actually very surprised that theres no posts about this. Hope to get some dev comment on that one.

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