Its clear the global server is dying a miserable death, and the forum at this point is just a coping tool

Ever since ags renabled the punika boost about 3 weeks ago, gold inflation has been going completley out of control on every server.

Bots and rmters running around with impunity, and even with bots filling every corner of the map the server status is still green on almost all servers and regions.

There’s another contributing factor in that the economy and auction house in this game is broken to begin with. The legion raid gold printing machine is way too potent and there are no backups designed to soak that gold. And the auction house prices went ape since it is entirely dependent on players generating goods for whales to buy.

Only time gold is actually deleted from the game in a decent quantity is honing and quality taps, every other gold spending source is just a transition of wealth. This would be fine in another game like world of warcraft where gold isn’t the omni currency that can buy anything and everything.

In lost ark, gold and progression is closely knitted together as one, this kind of inflation is devastatingly felt on every single player that isn’t dumping cash on third party sites that sell gold.

It’s just so painstakingly obvious that the global server is dying a miserable death with 0 action from ags and sg. Players quit because they feel like their actions don’t mean anything, if you realize trying to bus argos on 6 characters gets you less gold an hour of minimum wage can buy you, why would you do it ever again?

I would type more but what is the point? We all know what’s happening. We all feel it. And we all know there’s nothing here the clown content patch can fix.


Whales have stopped honing and buying gear a long time ago, cause there is no content for them to keep pushing for. Even i, who only hone with bound mats, am 1495.

You can also check rmt discord servers and notice how there is a disproportinal amount of sellers vs buyers, but the supply is hundreds of thousands per user.

We are making more gold, and having less reasons to spend it basically.


Gold inflation have nothing to do with bots or rmts at this point. Botting and rmting has been tamed to some extent at this point. Gold value decreasing because more and more alts are reaching higher level. I as an average player can make upto 80k-100k gold per week. And i can assume most others can to so obviously gold value with get lower to another fixed value. Also dead game what? the player count on steam has been same for 3 months and still on top 5.

Ok, fantasy island is to the right. The average player is nowhere close to making that much gold per week.


top 5? coping real hard, it included 100k bots that is why top 5.
Real player numbers were 70-120k but it was few months ago after they huge ban wave, now probably somewhere 60-100k if it is healthy

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More like 60k per week, with 6 characters at or above 1415.

80k-100k is way to generous for the average player right now. Maybe in a few months when Brel Normal is released.

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Nobody is honing man, what do you expect. Everyone has had their rosters done for 2 months.

Doomer post #32454 this week.


Well isn’t that the harsh truth.

The more you play the less you get for your efforts.

Are you serious or what ? Pheons hello ? Pheons is exactly the gold sink that exists and you refuse to see. I’ve not even read the rest of the post, this one already proove that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ps : The inflation is just a normal thing. What do you think I should be able to buy 500 blue crystal just doing Valtan or ? So since I’ve 6 characters and generate ~100k a week, I should be able to buy what 9500 Blue crystal per week ?

Nah… This game economy is player-driven, if the inflation kicks in it just mean that players are richers. So yes the RMT is inflating the inflation, but the inflation also means you’re selling gem higher, you’re selling everything (but honing mats) highers. Ultimately there is one thing that doesn’t goes up it’s the cost of honing, which mean with high inflation honing is cheap you should be happy about that …

Do you realise that to buy bc somebody had to sell royal crystals? Where do you see a sink? Its all transfer of gold from you to whale


Quality upgrade*. That’s the thing that was created by SG to make players use their excess of gold. Didn’t work. Pheons is here since the beginning of times and wasn’t made to “help with inflation” in mind.
SG limited golds to 6 characters, slowed inflation, still going up.

Indeed inflation was going to hit one day, because you get more sources of golds, so things are going to go up in price.

But, inflation is way too high to what is supposed to be. You can’t deny that having millions of gold illegaly injected into the game makes everything go up in price. There’s a reason when a huge banwave happened at one point, blue crystals went down in price, by quite a bit.

Blue crystals started to went up as soon as they implemented the 3 day gold usage delay on legit RMT through their shop. And since then, it didn’t stop. Because whales also started to sells summer skins instead of BC because the change rate is terrible. It also started in KR around that time aswell.

I’m talking mostly about BC indeed. The AH has been a joke since the huge massive wave of 500k+ bots.

holy moly …

Dude where do you think the pheons goes when you buy an accessorry ??? They’re deleted YES. It’s a sink, the biggest of all.

Now please, before taking people from high horse, think a tiny bit, at least re-read yourself …

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its a sink yes but of pheons. Gold has already been transfered to the person who sold you blue crystals


um this NAW right now

lol if true this was done by 1 RMTer he bought out market to make more 1575 toons lol
hes honing right now allegedly idk

started with 4m gold…today

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This is sooo true.

At this point it almost feels like they don’t care about their game dying at all.


There is zero reason to be a doomer when it comes to lost ark.
There will always be highs and lows in a live service game :slight_smile:
Enjoy yourself and stop being afraid that the game might fail <3

When you buy pheons, you are paying gold to buy crystals, that means your gold goes to another player buying gold with royal crystals.

It’s a transfer, no gold is deleted anywhere in the process.


I disagree, i dont see the forums as a coping tool, maybe some months ago.

Now the forums are a doom posting tool with uneducated takes and false assumptions.
And people who refuse to do any research whatsoever before they jump to conclusions regarding certain subjects.

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see you on clown

yeah well nvm I’m done for good now. That other guy here :

Talk to me as if I were not understanding how exchange work. Dude, please I’m not stupid …

BC and golds are the same thing. You burn one or the other, it’s the same you burn it. If you plan answering to try to prove me again that “pheons is not a gold skin” just keep your energy your wasting your time, better try to understand the point you’re missing tbh … I’m out anyway