Its mid-June. Any updates on July patch?

As we continue to learn from our players’ feedback and dive into data, our goal is to remain transparent (sometimes brutally so) with our players.

23rd or 30th is not mid June. If there is a delay, communicate with your community that there is indeed a delay. Instead of “things change”, a simple “Hey guys! Unfortunately, due to----” mini official announcement.

It has been months since you promised better communication and better transparency, but nothing has changed.

end forum rant//

EDIT: This is not complaining about the delay, this is about finding out news from 3rd party/streamers/twitter for any official news/update. Please please please, release information out CLEARLY to your community.


They already addressed this in another post, its not coming this next reset. If youre gonna be chronically online doing “daily forum rants” at least spend that time reading others posts and not making your own, its not productive discourse

This is my first forum post lol

Where did they say the June update is not this week? The above poster Crana is talking without proof. I can find zero confirmation in any form about the timing of the Ju ne update

Why are we waiting until last minute to know if vykas is coming on Thursday? - #142 by Mawgwi in this post idk how to link shit

the link is on some random comment just click through the cm replies with the arrow

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You see what I mean by a small “official announcement”?

There are many others that are just as confused

the announcement should be in a more visible area tho, having to comb through the dev tracker for updates is kinda lame.


Great but not every singular confused person needs to make 1 new thread about it, thats my only point, and (before you edited) your original post, you called it a “daily forum rant” yourself, also first time posters get an indicator, which you dont have, so youre either lying that its your first time ever posting or the system is bugged :person_shrugging:

Its not an announcement, its as simple as that

not sure if this quote works, i hope it does, you are bad at reading then because the response is literally even marked as a solution

what a cringe fucking way to type when youre too lazy to do 30 seconds of work, stop assuming everyone is a bad actor, not every single person is “lying” as a hobby

Thanks for sharing. I stand updated

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Its not a bug and im not lying, i edited. it really is my first time :sweat_smile: i realized i entered “daily”.

And nobody needs to make a new thread about it if there were official announcements.

They did it in another thread, but this is the issue. Gotta get your news 3rd hand from twitter instead of an official announcement of a slight delay etc…

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sure if you feel the need to make threads because they dont officially announce things i cant stop you, do whatever makes you happy i guess :man_shrugging:

You don’t see that as a problem?
Streamers on twitter bringing you updates faster and more consistently than the official outlet for Lost Ark?


no, we have to create multiple threads, so they can train how to communicate.
it is questionable why there are threads in a forum needed to get any information.

I think at this point, its better to never say anything, just the big news. heat rising up everytime a CM is giving us info xd

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Im not talking whether its a problem or not, but the logic that an external source statement or a leak is taken as the official announcement to then complain that no actual official announcement has happened yet is very questionable logic to me.

also in general all i was saying is that this didnt need to be its own thread, could just be a comment under an existing thread, people are spam making the same complaint over and over

People need to keep spam making the same complaint so they can realize how terrible and ineffective their communication is. Its a good thing it happens because if this issue does not get stressed enough, nothing will change.

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