It's not a nerf, it's a revert back to other regions

That’s true for Guardian raids but what about Abyss Dungeons?

Is it really only the 50% and there we are only talking guardian raids. what about abyss dungeons were they always harde in eu? I dont know since I never played on RU or KR.

Where? Pls show me where this is noted. It’s so annoying, that everybody that wants a nerf is calling this, but nobody can show it, if asked everybody ignores it.

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Its been confirmed by community managers several time

Oh really, i didn’t find any confirmation about that and i surely searched longer for this than you.
I will be convinced if you show me where and i can finally read it up.

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you are the one having problem with that info, why would we do research and lose time just to prove you something? :stuck_out_tongue:
Personally i dont care if its 30 or 60% im rather sure they uped it by some large % as i remember this experience from RU and it was been for sure shorter by noticable amount of time on avarge or just everyone was been beter at it back then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve asked a few times myself and have yet to see it.

Confirmed? Several times? Where?

50% waow poor player you can’t kill him so change game

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I’ll post it but stop making this clames your like the 5th person today stop being lazy give me. A sec .

Because of that (quoting myself, don’t want to write it again):

Edit: That underlines that there couldn’t be a revert to other regions, if we had that state since release.

If that is true, then… good. Seemingly it was needed as I’ve yet to see the 15 minute mark, and most of the time they fall in half of that, and I’m doing them in MM exclusively too.

The guardians are daily content, it can’t be that they have a success rate lower than 10% or that you have to spend 2h to complete a daily task, stop crying about this, the guardians are not the difficult content of the game, that content is offered to us by RAID, not guardians.
Killing guardians IS NOT DIFFICULT it is long and tedious, that is what is wrong since after all as I have already said it is DAILY content and you cannot spend 2-3h to complete only that part of the daily content every day

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You posted this earlier. That isn’t confirmation of anything except amazon acknowledging some players feel it takes to long to down guardian raids. No word from anyone about abyssal dungeons but they apparently feel the need to touch that as well.

Okay sad if that is really true that there has been no confirmation because I like the challenge. I am okay if its gonna be on par with KR and RU if it really was the case that guardians had 50% more on EU. If not, than just let it be as such content gives players like me the opportunity to learn in T1 and T2 so I am not gonna be a complete idiot in T3.

AGS shoud clarify this once and for all if they did buff the guardians for western release. It will save a lot of arguing. I think they were way too hard for pugs and I had stopped doing it on alts. Might give matchmaking another try now.

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ok fact is that its longer, can we agree on that?
second fact is that its ok if you do it first 10 times then its getting boring so doing it in 3-7 min as in ru version was been ok and doing it in 7-14 min in our is a bit crossing the line for many ppls as its not something that rise your heart beat from exicitment on daily basics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
esepcially that its sometimes also failing (will for sure be better with time tho)
does it change the point of discusion if its 44% or 33 or 50% or extra 10% per player in party? I dont know where ppls are taking this specific number, maybe from some tweet, maybe its someone fealing, maybe someone tested it (there is quiet some hype around the game so there is a loot of info flying around) but does it actually change the problem?

Thank you.

There was clearly a buff, compared to beta.
But nodody knows for what content ecaxtly and what ecaxtly or if it was to match with KR update, because that wasn’t described in detail.

Bullshit Snowflake Brainwash

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Rumors about 50% guardians hp - General Discussion / General Discussion - Lost Ark Forums (


if anything it was only nerfed during beta so ppl could go through raids faster since beta was so short(unconfirmed but is the only thing i can think of), and then buffed back to normal but the HP CURRENT of NA/EU is actually same as RU as people have shown video uncut tests already, and if you can’t do basic maths thats just an smh

either way long story short, we dont’ have a 50% hp buff, we’re just not really good at playing games or at least thats what AGS thinks i guess and also what’s being demonstrated by … the people thinking we actually do need a nerf.

from what i’ve seen on tests and i’m tempted to do extra myself at this point, the HP is the same as RU version which is already a nerfed version off KR, so if we’re nerfing ours we’re being nerfed x2 compared to KR since ours is identical to RU’s atm which means we’re worse than russia. if NA/EU really wants to pride itself as #1 everywhere it should be inviting a 50% hp buff instead of a nerf.

all the arguments made for the nerf so far is ridiculous, if its because “its tedious” don’t play mmos, they’re usually grinds anyway, getting to t3 faster isn’t going to change that if not your experience will become worse since you didn’t get better in the early parts /shrug why would/should t3 be a practice ground and endgame(in our current version) at the same time that’s just nonsense.

if its so tedious what you want a boss to be oneshotted? kinda lame, then everything becomes a lame dps check and you’ll spend more time in a load screen and running to the boss than actually playing a game

if its because you solved the mechanics once and can’t be bothered to do it a second time also joker mentality since mastering and doing consistency is a skill of itself and improves for the later content that gets much harder, especially for some bosses later on that KR has, having people memorize sequences or get deleted, if you’re still grasping the basics at that point you’re 100% going to be a floor mob forever

it’s like doing nacrasena early and learning how to break their stuff, and then doing armored nacrasena later much tougher similar mechanics and problems and some added extra challenge. rushing to t3 and failing to understand the early part one in t1 just means you’re griefing everyone else who actually put time to learn and get better even worse when those people there are trying to advise you to bring particular skills since working as a team of 4 is much more effective than one person dying and exhausting all lives because they don’t understand mechanics in lategame meaning the other 3 have to do a perfect run without mistakes since lives are gone resulting in usual wipe and more time loss.

if it’s because you can’t be bothered to learn then you’re just a griefer, there’s no other way to put it and everyone’s going to filter you out naturally anyway once you get to t3 and further, it’s why statics form in general. don’t want to learn? then pubs and mm just dies off.

there’s so many people i’ve come across that are trying to be helpful currently in the game’s fresh state, and they’re met with silence or ego heads that think just throwing damage is all that matters while suffering every hit the boss throws at them and then meet the toxicity of this repeated theme of these individuals of them calling the party trash and stuff which is purely copium of bad play.

if it’s because it’s ruining your fun then don’t ruin everyone else’s fun who enjoys the challenge, maybe the game isnt for you, most people wanted the challenge is why they awaited LA in the west for so long, not for a baby mode.

there’s so many questions i could ask the people who keep failing the guardian raids too like :
do you bring battle items?
do you try to exceed stagger checks and counterattacks?
do you look at its weaknesses in the top left?
Do you attune damage reduction to its element?
Literally everyone has access to these the moment you start at Ur’nil and a questline that tells you about each guardian and gives you 100gold each guardian and some affiliated battle items tuned FOR the guardian itself and some permastats but because no one reads its not surprising this is the result we arrived at.

my longest one is just helgaia at 18minutes on a first run because i didnt know what was going on too well but that’s my first run and still cleared at min-ilvl with randos, but i still understood to bring high stagger attacks and change my skill tree up entirely to be stagger-heavy with whirlwind bombs as the NPC has stated to stop it from evolving and possibly why i succeeded on a first blind run.

my other averages are just 6-12minutes range across the rest