Its official, no refund for multiple purchases

Hi. Sorry but screens will be in french, but you will understand for sure.

It’s time to talk about shop lags and all people lost cristals trying to buy something.

Yesterday trying to buy some Pheons multiple times, nothing worked, this morning got :

I tried to reach steam support because it’s the way to go apparently, but you can’t ask them, it’s directly an amazon link :

And when you try to direct chat with amazon games, people said go ask steam… So apparently no one can help for the money lost.
And for sure i’m not the only one with this problem.

So @Roxx @Seawolf , it’s time to stop ignoring this problem please.

Appreciate the bumps


They are not ignoring it - read the update post.

Where ? I don’t see any post talking about multiples buys and even less about refunds cristals

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In the info section there is a post that literally talks about the shop server losing connection to the game server causing items to go missing etc Show sometimes, then gone again.

Sounds very like what you are talking about to me. You kept buying stuff but it didnt show so you bought it again maybe ?


If you talk about that, it’s not the same problem. They don’t talk about refunds


Whatever - its clearly the same problem if you bought things twice because it didnt seem to work the time ?

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Not only he bought twice, he apparently bought 39 packs instead of just one.
And they’re saying there’s no refund.
So he’s very wealthy in game but just lost a lot of money.


Yeah but a post to say “we are aware” is not the same way as “multiple bought can happens, we are here to help refunds”

So it’s time to have a clearly official answer @Roxx @Seawolf , and stop the PING PONG between steam support and amazon support.



I’ll bump this thread all day long.

No way they will ignore me while i’m losing money.

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hate to break it to ya… but by making the purchase… you purchased it… the sale is final… you agreed to the terms…

best case scenario you will get the items that you agreed to purchase when they fix it… you will most likely not get a refund for it…

also just a quick reminder… in most if not all mmos out there… if u reverse the charge your account will be banned

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Man if you want to go on the Law and rights way, we can.

The European Laws say : Every internet buy are 14 days refundables. If it’s not, it has to be written on or a box to hit.

Founder Pack got this. But not Pheons. I don’t want my founder pack money back, i want to convert back my pheons in blues cristals.


if i recall that law is very vauge and doesnt cover majority of DIGITAL GOODS…, just saying

also that law only applies if said item is faulty (at least according to google), the item itself wasnt faulty… the servers lagged (see tagged post under news) and your items were delayed… that itself does not equal a faulty product…

thats like claiming you should get a refund because the mailman arrived an hour later than usual delivering an item you bought online

Why are you boring me trying to defend them ?

And no, it’s like if the mailman is late, you have to buy 10 computer to receive it, strange world you live

according to the post the items didnt arrive due to server delay… they still would have arrived tho… you DECIDED to agree to purchase more of the item…

the product isnt faulty, it was delivered late… you then agreed to buy it multiple more times on the offchance it would go thru…

the uk law you mentioned only works if the product you purchased was faulty… did the product work when it arrived? im guessing yes? then it wasnt faulty

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So if im undestanding correctly. you bought multiple times but didnt get the item and this morning they all came at once delayed.
As the other person said this looks like a related issue to the server delay issues in their main post.
Apparently you bought 39 times so was the blue crystals not being deducted while you were buying?
If it was decreasing and you werent getting the item the first few times why did you keep going instead of thinking theres something wrong?
At this point their post didnt mention refund so i highly doubt youre getting a refund.
Since you’ve received the items i dont think anything is going to happen here. You bought from the shop and you got the item.
Responsibility isnt on them if you kept buying and you werent receiving an item you bought. Should’ve been alerted there was an issue the first time you didnt get anything and your blue crystals was deducted.


No i don’t talk about UK Law, it’s no more an european country LUL (did you heard about Brexit?)

We can have a refund of whatever we want within 14 days without any subject or proof. Thats it.

Got this problems in others games, but when you have “Service under maintenance” or “Shop is overloaded” the buy just don’t work and is not saved like there.

You are saying shit.

Additionally if you are trying to refund from steam. youre going to have a hard time.
DLCs are considred non-refundable. This usually includes in game items.
Steam has this phrase in their site and im pretty sure this falls under digital goods that has been downloaded:



read the part on online digital goods… then read over the contract from amazon which you agreed to by playing the game…

you are not getting a refund…

You have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification. This “cooling off” period expires 14 days after the day you received your goods (or concluded a contract for services).

However, the 14-day cooling off period does not apply to all purchases. Some of the exemptions are:

  • plane and train tickets, as well as concert tickets, hotel bookings, car rental reservations and catering services for specific dates
  • goods and drinks delivered to you by regular delivery – for example grocery shopping delivered by your local supermarket
  • goods made to order or clearly personalised – such as a tailor-made suit
  • sealed audio, video or computer software, such as DVDs, which you have opened (unsealed) upon receipt
  • online digital content, if you have already started downloading or streaming it and you agreed that you would lose your right of withdrawal by starting the performance
  • goods bought from a private individual rather than a company
  • urgent repairs and maintenance contracts – if you call a plumber to repair a leaking shower, you can’t cancel the work once you have agreed on the price of the service

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.