It's ok to not like Lost Ark and just move on

I keep seeing post trying to change the game fundamentally (mostly honing). The game has proven to be successful and that includes a good amount of EU/NA players trying it on RU/KR.

I get the complaints about our launch and lack of materials and such. I also have those complaints, but demanding changes about honing or “it will fail in the west” is laughable. It’s already succeeded with our scuffed version.

The core game is fine and will not be changing no matter how many cry baby post about honing are made. I get some say it’s feedback but do you really think Smilegate will change a proven product for a few forum post? I see no YouTube content demanding a change to honing. I see no outcry in the community outside of this site for it. 100% chance it will never change at its fundamental level.

Ever consider that maybe the core gameplay loop just isn’t for you? I hate counterstrike and LoL but plenty love it. I am not over there demanding for less TTK or no last hitting because zero chance they change a core gameplay that has proven to work.

tl;dr: Complain about lack of materials, lack of classes, and all the other things we should be complaining about. Demanding change for honing is a waste of time and maybe you should just go play another game and except maybe you just don’t like Lost Ark, and that’s ok.


while i agree if you dont like the game move on, I have to say that season 1 of lost ark (t1+t2) was an utter failure in KR and every other region. ONLY when they released season 2 (t3+ and all new new content for t3+) did the game get successful.

Also other regions at this point dont start t1/t2 they start 1302 period.

So with that being said while i see your point why complain about the base of the game as end tier 3 is 1% chance or less to upgrade.


Why move when you can spam steamcharts everyday and write about game dying?


The problem is we like Lost Ark, we just hate how AGS is botching this release.


You should add that SGS Gold River expected 200k ppl at launch and 60k to stay, just for the ppl crying about New Worlds 40k players and how LA is doomed. Keeping 60k or even just 40k would fit SGS’ expectations about western playerbase.

Kmmos aren’t much appreciated since the gear progress is by rng honing and not rng drop, when both is just rng. The difference: Here I have my gear to upgrade and grind mats, in western mmos I have to hope for a random raid drop (which may not even drop).

People don’t start at 1302. They can, if they pay for a powerpass, but otherwise you start at lv1 like everyone else.

The issue is that paradoxically we simultaneously got too much and too little at the same time. Too much “end game” content with not enough time to catch up, but not enough of the classes people wanted to play for them to feel motivated to go all-in, so to speak.

It’s something that can be corrected, it just takes time.

Funny enough NW is still like 7th most popular MMO on steam (some of them have individual clients tho).

power pass is level 1 and get 1 for free, OR pay and when youre talking about HOURS and also quiet a bit of gold/mats that pay for 1302 is worth it and most people do it.

This is what’s beginning to annoy me, we’re starting to see posts demanding completely scrapping the honing system etc. now which is just crazy. I get it they prefer loot drop % dice rolls in WoW vs honing rate chance in LA, that’s fine just go back and play WoW.

SGrpg is trying to harmonise all version ie catch us up to Korea, with the aim of working on just one game, and that game will be the one they have in Korea. They are not going to produce a different version for the West, so people need to either get on board or jump off at the next stop.

Demanding fundamental game mechanic changes
A) Annoys those in the west that knew what the game was and enjoy it as it is.
B) Is disrespectful to all the people in KR and other regions that like the game as it is.
C) Is never going to happen.


well said

I think it’s universally agreed if we had all the influx of honing mats available to KR when the same lvl of T3 content was out the RNG wouldn’t be as bad cause you would have more attempts. The game can be great we’ve all seen it in T1 and T2 seeing all the content and islands for the first time.

Honestly it is the classes and unengaging repetitive activities that killed it for me. I don’t have any class I really vibe with atm, so I feel like I’m just waiting for something I will enjoy to come out which kind of makes all this time in T3 kind of boring and a chore since I don’t really care about progressing any of my characters

If you like the game it’s okay to play it and stop coming to the forums to complain about complaining. It’s okay for you to just play the game. You don’t have to defend if. You can just play it. Especially if you are not interested in reading about the things people don’t like about the game.


It’s also ok to not like the game and not come to the forums to complain :slight_smile:

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Great then everyone is okay to post on the forums or go their own way. No reason to make another quit complaining thread.

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Complaining about complainers just makes the complainers complain about the people who are complaining about them. It just escalates the arms race of complaint and counter-complaint and counter-counter-complaint, which is an essentially endless escalation.

It’s always far better to ignore threads that are complaints if you are not interested in them.

Forums, in general, are always the place where there are more complaints raised than anywhere else, because they are run by the game company. Folks interested in chatting about strats or something can go to the reddit or discord or what have you and have those conversations there without as many complaints as there are here.


As I do agree with your point there I also think it’s important to explain to some of the complaints (like wanting honing completely gone) that it’s never going to change no matter how many post they make. Plenty of sound logic supports this.

I do think complaining about things like materials and lack of classes are needed to help push the game more in the correction direction. Trying to change core gameplay on a proven product are not good complaints and it’s just them venting.

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You’re out of your mind. I don’t like Casu Marzu. It’s not an affront to Italy to not like maggot cheese. I’m not attacking Italians by choosing to express that maggot cheese makes me ill just thinking about it.

Grow up.

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Are you going to every single website/store that makes Casu Marzu and telling them you hate it and to stop making it?

Why are you so insecure that you perceive someone expressing themselves on a game forum as a personal attack?

As to your questions … is there a million places to provide feedback that the devs will read. No. There is one. Here.

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