Its okay little fairy still bug

2 day trying to get this quest done because otherwise it blocks other quest. i abandon it redo it still no forest of minuet song still no way to enter secret area

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Don’t you need song of resonance to actually get the quest done? Having others to let you in won’t count towards.

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The secret area only opens at certain times…every 2 hours i think?
Then you have to play the resonance tune inside to contribute to the bar and then you get one of the flutes
Has to be done 3 times to turn the quest in

i went 8 times on the secret area spot 15-20 minutes before it open never been able to do anything

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Be aware that when the timer on the map says its open, it usually has 1 more hour to go
Fooled me at first
Dont ask me why but the clocks dont seem to be synched up correctly
Next time wait another hour from when you think you should be there

Daylight savings in US will end March 13. Then timers should be correct. I don’t know about other areas.