It's Okay, Miss Fairy / bugged

Hey there, not sire if you are aware that It’s Okay, Miss fairy quest is not working. On location for event but nothing is spawning. It’s been like this sine day one. Any chance it can be fixed. Since that song is needed for other quests.

P.S. Love the game…

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Same problem here… Would be cool if this could be looked into.


having the same problem did the quest earlier and didn’t get counted for… I’ve been trying for 2 days

depends on time zone… try 1 hour later.

I am also having problems

i cant seem to open the vines in this quest, iv been trying for a few days now myself… i do have the song you buy, played it n nothing happens. iv also try the time zones as well, hr after n 1hr before n nothing seems to open it. anyone know why or what i am doing wrong

because the event is timed?, only opens at a set time based on notification at the side of the screen (the blue little box)

event has been working fine for me and 15 guildys who all have forest minuet ( had this song by day 4) and song of resonance.