It's Okay Miss Fairy no reward after playing song twice


I was just at Lullaby Island, trying to obtain my second “Voice of the Forest” for the “It’s Okay Miss Fairy” quest. Once inside the cave, the co-op event started and I played Song of Resonance twice. The event was completed before I finished playing the song for the third time. I didn’t have any of the three contributor trophies light up yellow for me, and once the event was over, instead of getting the chest, I got a message saying “You cannot claim this reward because you cannot receive rewards or you need to contribute more.”

Is this a bug? I was in the event from the very start to the end, contributing as fast as I could with the other players. I don’t understand how I didn’t get the quest reward.

I get the exact same issue, I’ve not been able to get any voice of the forest, all I get is the same error message. I’ve tried to abandon the quest several times and redo it but still not working. do we know if there has been a fix for this yet? as I’m not able to progress on this or collect the song from the reward to complete other quests