Its our time arcana mains

Now it’s our turn to shine yeeeeeeeeeeeee



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Lets go. This is the most hyped this game got me since launch. Can finally completely lat my RU arcana to rest.


you mean 6-8 weeks from now .

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Hell yeah WE HIGH AS HELL!!!

It’s time to DU DU DU DUEL

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Better than 4-6 months from now

Yayyy!! Just so long as they don’t change their minds again like last time :slight_smile:

Time is in July, probably end of it seeing how its going… long time rofl

Happy for you guys. You deserve this!


Lets go! Double kill on the good news - Arcana and Johnny!


Too bad we not getting Arcana. We getting an Arcanist.
That word is different meaning from what we expected to get.

oh guy, pls, no one care about names

? hahaha im VERY happy with it. We get a punika powerpass and express mission.

also 1 more month. its july

So many arcana mains sure was a good choise :joy:

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Arcana will not be my main, but i was waiting her. She looks unique and very fun to play. I will invest in her definetly.

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If they keep being smart with their future patches just like they’re doing for june/july there will be only arcana mains left in the server and bots, of course! But good for you arcana mains!