Its our time arcana mains

Reminds me abit of Astrologians from ff14 so defo going to make one :yum:

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yeah sure. do you realise we have 18 subclasses with her and only 5 missing. Most people already play their mains and many many people don’t know even there are 5 missing subclass. Leave the gold to someone when you quit.

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I’ll make sure to but definitely not for you! Bye

Grats to both of you.

You’re not an Arcana, you’re an Arcanist now. There is a difference. Lul.

Can we at least all agree that Arcanist is a perfectly fine name? Or do we get to do the same old song and dance again.

It’s absolutely our time. You’ve got these insuferrable crybabies going on about Scouter but we got completely screwed when the Arcana’s intial release was scrapped for Glavier.

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I would definitely start saving mats(if you havnt started already) if you don’t plan on swiping! I saved for the destroyer and it was 1000% worth it!! Have fun with your class!

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Arcana will be with powerpass + express i think

Is Arcana any fun? I’m a Sorc main and would consider filling my 6th and final roster slot with it.

YIIIISS let’s gooooo! though I am said for my fellow gamers that will be waiting forever now.

ye, but she the most difficult class in the game.

Cant wait to warm the floor when the boss sneezes on me

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Even as a soulfist main I’ve been waiting for Arcana. This class is sooo cool. It will definitely replace my first or second alt.

If true, will delete my glaive for scouter if we get it after LOL

have mention it in roadmap

True, it will still depend on how far your main is by mid-july and if you wanted to bring your arcanist up to a similar iLvl . 1445+ is easily reachable by anyones main by that time and i’d be shocked if its a powerpass with an express event past anything but 1370 at the most.

Hell Yes. Rewatching some Memorizer to get inspired.

Then I’m going to spend some time in the character creation to come up with a look.


im super excited

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