Its possible to be banned selling lvl10 DMG?

Hi, i’ve a guildie sold a lvl10 dmg gem shadowhunter and then got banned. I dont know if he actually RMT but he showed a picture of the email of AGS saying same amount of his dmg 10 sold. So i wonder if because you sell lvl10 and the gold received is RMT gold in the end we got banned for it? Idk if i made myself clear


yes you can be banned for earning RMT gold by selling items, even if you didnt buy the gold.

If there is a suspicion, that the trade was created and proceeded especially to get an high amount of gold at once (as it is with the high price of these items), both buyer and seller get a ban.
Although the seller of the item has no influence if the gold the buyer is using was RMT, he still gets involved in the RMT gold exchange (like money laundring) and therefor may also get banned for cheating.

Only chance for your guildmate is to send a ban appeal via web ticket and solve the issue this way.

He did an appeal the “specialist” says no ban removable. LIke i dont see where is that fair :confused: he provided a picture of the AH

if the buyer using rmt gold, the seller will receive rmt gold, and will get banned. it is what it is

So what you saying is the developers havent figure out the rmt gold code to ensure it doesnt mix in with regular gold coded gold? You get guilty by association banned when a rmt USER buys your items at high prices. No such thing as rmt gold just users. If they would adjust the warning level caps many honest players wouldnt go through this. Sorry if you are a victim of a flaw system with NO true moderation. Good luck to your friend.