It's pretty obvious

AGS and SG want it to be pay to win. They put even event items behind ilvl gates and they make it hard to level your hear up. Mentally forcing people to spend cash.

Once you accept this and don’t fall into Thier cash trap you’ll be ok.

They’ll fleece people for asmmuch as possible. Look at skin prices.

I understand that everyone isn’t okay with how this game is monetized and that due to the way the game systems work you can get to t3 with 5k USD and never learning the game mechanics. most of that doesn’t bother me due to the fact its not a PvP focused game. and I’m super casual player.
with all that said I’m fine with the skin prices and I’m more upset that their are not more skins, KR has tons of skins but the west cant have “sexual:” skins so allot of them are prob never getting released over here. but i am really into skins I spend way to much time and money on skins and making my stronghold look nice.