Its reaper right?

@Roxx next class is reaper right? (give me some hope)

thank youu!


Why are you tagging Roxx over this…?



If anything, you should tag @SystemRename018947 who is definitely what the name says and not someone who wanted to be funny.

ofc xD

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hell yea cause gunslinger being a floor-PoV class and people running heavy armor on dps is a rly good indicator for releasing the by far squishiest class in the entire game sooner than later right? Hilarious.

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If you think the high risk playstyle is a reason to dont release it then idk what you think. There are plenty of us who want to master this playstyle


Surely we are getting reaper in a month or two?


Horrible take. Don’t release a class because it’s harder to play?

Dont release a class the playerbase is clearly not ready for just because it looks cool, yes.

Ofc you cant be ready for a playstyle??

Nope, its Scouter.


You can’t be ready for any class in games before it gets released.

the class was one of the last classes to be added to the korean roster for a reason - the players are more experienced and can estimate stuff better - and I think that should work for us just like that, theres a reason behind it.

Bro were in NA. Give us 10 years and we’ll still get 1234 NESW wrong. That’s not even an argument

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I’m pretty confident that reaper will come out sometimes this year! Very hopeful.

I dont think that this was the reason

  1. The only way for you to learn a class is by playing it.
  2. You can get ready for the class by watching videos on it and playing on the other servers.

If you are interested in the class, you’ll research it.

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It was one of the last classes to be added…because it was one of the last classes to be added. Unless you’re suggesting they had plans for Reaper well in advance, and chose to release other classes instead.

Unfortunately the answer is no. Scouter will be next

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