It's scary that we got people literally defending lootboxes in 2022

I saw many posts about the new Legendary skins, and the insane amount of money they are going to cost… a full legendary skin set gives better stats and costs, on average, a disgusting $728 to obtain due to RNG, and since this game don’t even have a price localization, people in SA for example, would need to save like 3 months worty of their FULL salary to gamble on these skins…
They want to see how much cancerous monetization they can shove down our throats before we vomit.
First they drip feed the worst purchaseable skins (garbage skins imo but that is subjective) and now quickly release loot box skins.
I don’t mind paying for a cosmetic skin, but making it this expensive and on top of that giving better stats it’s just cancerous.
I know the update is not out yet, but the fact that we are getting it is not changing. Still a lootbox. in 2022.
I really think that we should be more pissed off about these things.

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