It's the year of the Rabbit in 2023!

Sooo It’s the year of the rabbit… Are we going to have rabbit ears skins or rabbit skins or something to match the year of the rabbit?

@Roxx Do AGS / SG have any plans on giving away some free rabbit theme things? If not can you talk about it? we already had free bunny ears with the tutorial and I wish I could have more for my other classes please!

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AGS: Best i can do for you is


I know for bots it’s year of the rabbit every years but maybe AGS and SG have a new rabbit in their hat for us?

Year of the Rabbit or still year of the ROBBOT?

We’re getting last year’s mount. Last year was the year of the tiger. So, it makes sense that they had a tiger mount. It doesn’t make sense that it’s being released in NA/EU now. Do the folks at AGS/SG think we are dumb? If they aren’t going to release these New Year items in the correct order than maybe they should just avoid them altogether.

New year is not the same as other holiday. It is dumb that giving us the old Ox pet and tiger mount. It’s year of rabbit. Give us the new Year of rabbit skin.

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Maybe we should get the Year of rabbit skin at 2035.


We need more of these pls AGS, 1 isnt enough for me



just go r34 if you wanna celebrate year of the rabbit :ok_hand:


I can stop laughing, jesus!

Thank god someone is doing the fishing…pearl prices were starting to get out of hand lol.

AGS can we have rabbit at home?
We have rabbit at home!
Rabbit at home:

Me waiting for an answer:

AGS has no respect about festive!! why selling cows on Rabbit years? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Korea has a new bunny pet today but not free.

at 00:50


YES its an year of rabbit so we decided to release cow(2021) pet and tiger(2022) mount for you guys!

A rabbit mount?

Rabbit ears will probably be a twitch drop thing.


They got better skins too.

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