It's the year of the Rabbit in 2023!

Kinda reminds me of a DotA2 mount for Mirana
1 pricey rabbit

what in the…? year of the rabbit? I swear this game attracted some of the most diverse people from the globe.

That is nuts. I could buy a real rabbit and a rabbit hutch for less than that.

AGS didnt expect most of the gamer are from / follow Eastern things, i guess in their mind the game is only for western player base that dont follow Eastern culture and traditions :slightly_smiling_face:. Kinda disappointing that they dont do any ingame announcement like saying Happy New year or anything, just Fever Time thats it

They coulda at least put it as Lunar New Year login event but its too much for them i guess

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Anyone that has eaten in a Chinese restaurant knows about the Lunar New Year.

I dont think you need eat in a CN restauraunt be to know that its Lunar New Year tbh

The Lunar New Year is celebrated in South Korea too.

Australia too

Yeah, but they have those neat paper placemats with all the Chinese zodiac signs. Someone should send AGS one of those placemats. They don’t seem to know what year it is.

Looks like they kinda acknowleged it but not what we wanted lol

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