It's time for the passenger union to rize

Paying 2k gold for argos bus is too much. Think how much gold you are losing for your precious alt. We should start a passenger union and make p1 p3 500 gold.

Counter offer 2.5k

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You make 700 gold profit (+ all the mats) by doing nothing… I think the price is realy OK

well i suppose for the time right now 1,5k is pretty fine especially for a 2 man carry
and u can find it from time to time so i suppose it will get standart soon.
But should take some time till it drops to 500 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo for reals! i see empty spots open all the time with those WTS runs… we would be doing them the favor by filling the spot.

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Just because of this the next bus will be 2,5k

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its not even worth running argos at all for 2,5k

you are delusional if u think for real this can be 2.5 xD too many bussers so u demp each other i usualy pay for bus like 1.5k

Ok no bus then, that is fine too :man_shrugging:

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ok, cya will pay to one of other 10000 bussers :clown_face:

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I still can’t believe people are like… yo this raid thing you need to make gold to like, get better stuff, give it all here and ill kill this boss for ya and you can have the scraps kid. Now get lost scrub and learn to play. (evil cackle) then go brag how much gold ya make.

Ok passenger :clown_face:

lol at all this support/dps union/bussing $hit, i have 6 bards and i never charge

i went in on an argos with my alt and i was asked why i wasn’t charging, i said “why would i charge, i need you guys to dps the boss for me”

so in plain terms this whole bussing $hit just needs to stop because everybody has alts that they want to bring up, now if you’re getting extremely carried then maybe but if you’re there doing the mechanics and putting in an effort then from the way i see it everybody is doing their part

As the new self-proclaimed head of the passenger union I need more engagement before I create a discord.

The plan is simple. Once we starve the market we will be able to regulate the price. Eventually the waek willed will break as 500g is better than 0.
In addition if you are doing a full whale party chances of getting books are very slim.

why u tell it like it’s bad, if i have 1370 alts it’s so worth to pay for a buss since i cant p3 argos by myself, you are :clown_face: at this point wanna see your 2.5k bussing screenshots xd

stop this cringe, all this unions on the forum so far from reality, just crazy talk of a very few people, 90% of the playerbase just playing it and enjoying the game after all.

I do for free. Those who want East America. Natural talent :wink:

How much does it take time to run a bus for Argos P3?

… Why does everything need a bloody union?
If you are paying for a bus for Argos you are NOT a Union member you are a customer!
The price of the bus is PURELY determined by the price that the CUSTOMER is willing to pay.
Don’t want to pay 3k? Cool don’t, if noone does then guess what the price comes down.

i paid 1.5k yesterday pretty fair tbh

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