Its time to play on the other version of the game

because of the endless issues of the western version of Lost Ark, its time to play on KR ver or Ru, what you think is the best?

Good luck on getting KR personal ID to play there.



Again this “I’m mad and I will make useless topics to pass time while the servers are back” nonsense topic.

Can you speak korean? Do you have KR personal ID? No? Then Kr is not for you.
Go play on Ru.


If you RU to begin with don’t play on global lost ark, we don’t like TOS breakers.

RU is easy to setup and KR you can access fairly decent too

RU version is deadge

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useless fkn post


KR version → no steam / no amazon
RU version → no steam / no amazon
EU/NA → steam + amazon

Congratulation, we know from where all the problems come

RU is not dead. its only 2 servers but they are pretty packed.
I suggest you find a guild asap since there will be a bit of gatekeeping for everyone below 1460.
so yeah easier to play on RU but gonna take time.

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Ill see you on RU brother. Artist and Aeromancer here we come :rofl:

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