I've been stuck at the beginning of Tier 3 for over a week due to a bug

Honestly, I need to vent. It’s been a month with no solution that I’ve received from Amazon. So… Let’s start from the beginning.

Back on February 8th, I started this game. I had been pretty excited over the previous months but I kept this game in the back of my mind in order to make the time go by quicker, and I ended up loving it. Combat is great, the story is meh but has good moments so I can’t complain too much, and the exploration of a new world drew me in. I put in about 10 hours on day one, another 10 on day 2. And then the server crashed.

For reference, I play on Galatur. My main is the Deathblade because it’s the best class. Anyways, Galatur received a massive crash for reasons unknown to me so I had to put the game down for the night. I woke up the next day wanting to play and was able to log in with no problems. That’s when I noticed that the main story quest I was on was gone. I was at the start of Tortoyk and couldn’t progress any more.

Panic ensued. I wrote a ticket to Amazon and they pretty much stated that they would look in to it. At the time I thought that I was just locked from progressing, so I ended up going back and doing all of the side quests and gathering to pass the time which ended the third day of the head start. ‘It shouldn’t take long to fix this, right?’ Is what went through my mind at the time. Man, how wrong I was.

But, It wasn’t all bad. In a stroke of luck, I found out that I was able to continue the story by just skipping Tortoyk for now. “Great!” I exclaimed. “I’m not fully stuck, and it has to be fixed by the time I reach the ending.” Onwards to Anikka, where I could finally start progressing again. I was ecstatic that I wasn’t barred.

Then I would get a side quest that asked me to play this song. ‘Heart’s Melody?’ I thought. ‘Where do I get that?’ Come to find out, that song was suppose to be gotten on Tortoyk, the place that I couldn’t do anymore. So, the quests where I needed that song started to pile up, but they were all side quests so I didn’t complain much. At least I could still move forward.

And then I hit 1100 and was finally able to start Punika. I was elated. All of that hard work that I put in finally reached me to where few other people have reached so far at the time. I started the story and was able to only get ankle deep when I was hit by a harsh reality. Some guy with a ukulele and a penchant for music wanted me to play a song. But not just any song. You probably know where I’m going with this. I couldn’t progress any more because I didn’t have that stupid Heart’s Melody song because the zone was still broken. I was stuck. I couldn’t continue on my journey to tier 3 anymore. No chaos dungeons to get gear, no new guardian raids, and no getting the research to make my journeys through tier 2 easier on my alts either.

I was furious. ‘It’s almost been a month and this still isn’t fixed?’ I thought. So, I’ve messaged support almost daily to try and get my voice heard on top of the messages that I’ve sent throughout the month. There have only been minute updates on this situation. It has been over a week now, and I’m still stuck. I can’t even collect some items in the recent event due to being ilevel locked. So, I’ve started to play less and less.

Some people may ask, “Why didn’t you just create another character and make that as your main?” Well, in hindsight, I probably should’ve as soon as I finished Luterra. But I thought I was able to progress and this would be fixed by now. And so I’ve poured countless island resources and time into my main character. And honestly, I shouldn’t have to start a new character when it wasn’t my mess up. This was my headstart character, the one that I’ve chosen a name for that is near and dear to me that I’ve used in another MMO for over 15 years. I’m still hoping for a fix some day. But my time played will probably slowly grow lower until I stop playing. I’ve been burned by this event.

I just wanted to vent out my rage in to the void. Maybe someone will read this and sympathize, or maybe someone will call me a scrub for liking this game in the first place. Regardless, this was more for me than anyone else. I needed my thoughts to be out there. Thanks for the read if you’ve made it this far.

dude, i have this exact bug and posted about it like an hour ago lol. A friend said that devs look at this sometimes and they might be able to help. Still waiting

Im not 100% on this, but from what I’ve vaguely heard in the wild, you should be able to get “heart’s melody” for your entire roster by powerpassing another character to vern because it autocompletes all quests up to vern.

I wish for the best. It seems like it’ll never get fixed. But hey, one can dream ha. Maybe if I made enough noise, I could get something done. But no backing to make waves means the priority for my case is at a minimum. So waiting is all that we can do.

You are right in a sense. My other characters do have it unlocked through the powerpass, but that didn’t auto-unlock it for my main. That would’ve been awesome though.

i tried to make an alt and actually do the story, thinking maybe that unlocking the hearts melody normally would unlock it for my main. It didn’t so in case you were thinking of trying that, don’t :sob:

So much same, I have had nearly all of your reported in game issues as well, though I was not aware how severe this was until I got to Punika on Galatur yesterday with my 1100 main. Thought I could figure out that side quest later, along with why I could never get into the second dungeon on Tortyok or why Mokamoka (rapport NPC) is missing from Mokoko Village where she is located on my alts that powerpass/knowledge xfer’d that content. Heart’s Melody had never been vital to primary progress so I did not find my way to support forums until now, but reading related posts makes perfect sense seeing others from Galatur with the same issue. Unfortunate to see separate posts days or weeks into pending resolution but I did read some edits of “issue resolved,” so I submitted a ticket for my account and think they will get more feedback/attention on this as more players roll into Punika (or try to).