Ive crashed multiple times in boss rush's now and its getting annoying

I’ve been playing this game for a while now but the crashes are starting to get tedious every time i enter a boss rush or try to complete it. Its starting to become frustrating to me.
I want to know if is possible to recover my ticket.
Character name: Foester

have you tried the next:

  • repair your game from Steam
  • Unistal and reinstal the game completely

tickets are non refunded, if the game thinks you are eligible you would receive it within next 48 hours. If not you will not get a ticket.

Sadly this is a very common error that can have a number of difference causes. I would run through some of the suggestions here and see if that helps at all with the disconnects.

As for the ticket unfortunately I don’t think that they have the ability to re-grant lost tickets. :frowning_face:

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