I've heard that there is not gonna be update this week, how true is that?

hopefully is fake tbh, and not just a new daily log in rewards

Sure, there is an update every Thursday.

there is a difference between “update” and “maintenace” my man

Not true, the last few maintenace they broke, fixed, broke, broke, then fixed the in game clock.

That’s an update in my books. :slight_smile:

In seriousness I think it’ll be the 21st before we get the April content patch. I’d like it to be tomorrow but my hopes are not at all up for that.

And do we get the honors to know where you heard from?

Starting to doubt that we’ll get the content update this week. Roxx said they wanted to do a bunch of marketing in advance and we’re less than two days out without a peep…

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Usually the peep happens hours before the patch. So we will know whether we have anything by tomorrow.

Its speculation due to the login rewards ending. It’s likely but for now just speculation.

we can use the same logic with the arkesia event tokens dissapearing on april 21st, so really the speculation has no real weight right now

It’s fair to assume that the update won’t be there this Thursday for I haven’t seen this “excitement marketing” Roxx was talking about. We’ll see tomorrow I guess and in case it does drop this Thursday, AGS marketing team is terrible.

I mean speculation never has weight thats what im trying to say lol.

AGS marketing team is fine. Their workdays are just on Wednesdays. ;x

It’s not good when even mokoko pickers are started to snooze out

Hello as a mokoko picker Union rep I would like to add that the majority of our membership is threatening to strike over the lack of skins.

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I know its a joke you’re rolling with but my mokoko buddy legit just messaged me today that ;;

If we lose the mokoko bros…what do we really have?

I mean it is a joke but at the same time I do actually have all the mokokos and this week I stopped playing as much because my adventure tome is now purely rapport locked and my “main” is 1385 and my classes aren’t coming for at least two months.

I can’t even play dress up. I went back to FF today for 6.1 and spent an hour making new outfits x.x

Ha, that is actually where I’m at minus the FF. Classes are meh and I can’t even dress things up :confused:

Hot damn on all the mokokos

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