Ive lost GhostShip 960 rewards, and it appears as calimed

Today i got into a GhostShip 960 and wiped it and on the journal appear as its completed even if i didnt claimed the rewards, anything i can do, or just wait for another week to do it?

IGN: Pozita
Server: EUCentral

Thanks for the support, in advance.



IGN : Valoutamal
Server : Zinnervale EUW

Same here. Got wiped on 960 Ghostship days ago and it still shows as claimed even days after…

IGN: Dopefortwo
Server: Antares

EDIT: I know now why… Its because its weekly not daily. D:


IGN: Gurvanito
Server: Calvasus EUW

Hello @Pozo

I’m sorry for the late response!

Thank you very much for bringing your current issue to our attention and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

In this case I need to contact CS live channel, they will have to raise you a ticket in order the specialist team check your entitlements, if they find them and the rewards are not yet reflected on your account our dev team will join in and active them.

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