I've the solution for RMT

Why AGS doesnt buy entire stock of gold from g2g & co and charge back?
Also: Just do a script to buy it whenever the sites refill their stock

Why don’t they just lower the price in Mari shop to undercut the botters? This would run the botters out of business. You make it so there is no profit in it, and they will leave.

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that only starts a bid war and the goal is 0

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You just need to get below their operating costs, and you will win.

thats cute to think like that, but no, its not working like that

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operating cost for chinese computer on cheap electicity and no tax are way to low for amazon to be able to compete lol


Tell me more about what you think it works like. I wrote and ran bots for years in WoW. The only reason I stopped was because the operating costs were almost what the profit margin was. No business is going to stay open when the cost > profit.

yeah and big part of cost was still the subcription this game is free bot run only on electicity wich in some country means really low cost of exploitation and with no subscription for amazon how can you get the price low enough and still keep server open? maybe i’m wrong here but i’d be interested to know more if i am

5.00 per account that wants to trade. That can add up real fast. Also, depends on what their profit margin is. With out knowing numbers, it is hard to say either way. Even if it doesn’t eliminate all of them, it will get rid of most of them.

ho yeah i forgot the trusted status so its actually possbible to keep their profit down at least more than now

it’s a balancing act between having enough bots to stay on page 1 of steam charts and keeping enough RMT/paying players

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The biggest reason for so much RMT are beyond ridiculous prices in official store.

800 blue crystals for 20€? That gets you 90 great honor leapstones, enough for 5 armor attempts at +16 or +17 upgrade. So not even one guaranteed upgrade in just leapstones, without honing cost, fusion mats or stones.

If you want to buy gold with royal crystals it’s 636g for 238 crystals. So with 10€ you can get around 2.5k gold. In pure mats one full artisan energy for +16 armor upgrade is like 20k.

And then you realize that for example in EUC region I’d say most players are from countries where 1k€ per month is a good salary. So on average you can push your gear score by 10ilvl with monthly salary.

Like what the actual fuck are these prices? I’d maybe consider supporting the game other than 1500 arkpass which was fair, but what the actual fuck are those prices? There’s no middle ground. You either don’t spend anything or you spend thousands upon thousands. Even a thousand € gets you nowhere. Are all MMOs like this? I haven’t played any in a while before LA, but this is beyond ridiculous pricing, even for countries with highest average income.


Thats why many KR whales say lost ark is basically pay2loose, i only buy skins and cosmetic stuff, honing and everything else is f2p

IKR, the store prices are absolutely insane…

How about simple permabanning for RMT No matter how mcuh they whaled in C$ ?
Make people afraid of buying gold? W/o customers bots would quickly reduce their activity

You give them way too much credit. I personally think it’s just plain old incompetence

Just disable trading and mailing… then run scripts to monitor the auction house for obvious abuse transactions…

Ban both RMTers and the bots selling…

cut their means of trading… funneling them into a trap…

or AGS sell their gold on sites half of the other’s price. And ban all the buyers after a month.

There are many ways to really fight bots.
Like in BDO where prices are fixed, you can’t trade for more or less than this amount, economy is stable.

This is just an example, i’m not saying they should do that here. But there are existing ways to fight effectively.

Nerfing gold income, rapports and so on like they did will only result of more bots created for compensate that loss.

Just look the number, it’s more than 600k now. People are waiting in queue because of bots, this is insane.

I really hope they will get out of this silence with a real way to fight.