I've the solution for RMT

or they could just handed out some gold.
Most could proberly have a great time with just 20k to hone and get blue crystals price up :wink:

It’ll also be a lot cheaper if they just paid for DDoS attacks of the gold selling sites. Can’t sell gold if they don’t have a site, and their sites are easy to find, just look at general chat for 5 seconds and you’ll get 10 sites.

I totally agree with you… the prices of this game are astronomical. If people under 1445 think they are fair… they have a rude awakening coming.

Worth mentioning that sites such as G2G require you to send your ID Card and personal info before making any purchase, but only on regions that are notoriously bad with chargebacks. They are not dumb.

remove all tradeable mats and accesories from chaos dungeons and chaos dungeon vendors and move em to guardian raids and abyss dungeons i want to see bots deal with the RNG spawn location of GR bosses

its called greed and the sad story is it just works xD