January Dev Team Update?


Looked/searched for it but didn’t find anything.

Is there any ETA on the January Update? December Update was 2nd of December iirc and the Head start is quite literally 4 weeks from now. Seems to me like it would be about time.

Thanks for answering and with kind regards

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As Roxx and her colleagues were on holidays till last friday give them some time. Mid January is still not yet.

Yeah, they had holidays and Roxx came back pretty recently. IIRC we’ve been told to expect the update by mid January.

We are working on a couple of communications right now to prime players for launch, answer outstanding questions, and address some of the new odds and ends players will see. While we do want to share these sooner rather than later, it is also very important (arguably even more important?) to us to be able to address as many topics as possible which means we are in the process of ensuring multiple things are locked down beforehand.


Definitely! Being so close to launch though, most of this info should be set very soon, so we want to avoid any confusion/switching of things where possible


Certainly while it is of course important to make sure all the information is as complete, accurate, and thorough as possible, at the same time waiting to long will be just as bad if the information is released “too late” like a day before launch lol. It’ll be important to not only get information out that’s complete and accurate, but also well enough ahead of time people can read through everything and it not be last second lol.

There will be definetly coming up new questions along the way which need to be adressed before launch.
Maybe a collective forum post to collect all the questions would be nice @Roxx .
There you can grab all the questions and if you miss some the question will come up by us in the comments. Afterwards you can just edit the original post and add it :slight_smile:
Less work for your team.

Can you give a rough timeline? If not I understand. We looking at like this week? next? estimated?

You mean announcing an announcement? :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah thats what he means… people like that exist… just sit it out and wait like everyone else xD it does not matter if its this or next week.

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Look, I just want to get excited about being excited.

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I understand the need to feel like you’re getting everything you can in the next blogpost but it’s only gonna raise more questions anyway. While official “big” news need to be tailored towards new players, a lot of questions are from players that already know about the game and getting these answered at the same time is only going to confuse new players more than anything.

Can we get a hint if the outstanding questions includes the burning 900 reply 25k view OCE Server Question?


Don’t know about you guys but I am only looking forward to the launch of the game. I am not in the least worried about what they will be announcing later this month. Also keep in mind that the pandemic is hitting hard. Maybe wish them good health…

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will there be a mentioning in the jan update about censoring and future censoring? e.g. the new artist looks like this https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/s22luf/artist_starter_and_legendary_skins_not_cash_shop/ and seeing how amazon is handling the game currently i have heavy doubts that we will receive the class as it looks in KR, which would be pretty damn sad. similar to how they ruined shai in bdo…

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The Hype is real, so near on Release. I have 1 Week holidays in the release week. February 8th are incomming. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I think a lot of us are much more defiant than hyped, and if the next update doesn’t give us clear answers and good news, it will be pretty bad for the game. At least thousands of potentially interested people who watched Asmongold’s video, and don’t want a censored/propaganda game with altered/removed content, will already be lost.


The only official announcement I am most keen to follow. OCE server when and how please