January update while it's almost launch

I’m still amazed that you’re burning money on overpriced trash packs and support Amazon …
Because Smilegate will get mere few % out of it like every dev that gets fukd by US corpos like ea/Activision etc…

Just ignore that skins and buy ones you like in game if they won’t be somehow censored.

everything okay at home?

calm down man it’s just a game… yeah amazon hasn’t done the best job with launch of the game but is not reason enough to turn you into this, wtf is wrong with you.


They are asking 100 euros for a founder pack so i guess it would be nice to know what we are purchasing.

You know what you will get, but if you are talking about how the skin look, j ust hold your money till jan update (Should be out in a few days) and then you can decide if it’s worth to buy it or not o3o

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Its about time they start telling what the actually launch TIME will be on the launch DATE.

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It’s Amazon you will get more “reasons” later on if you haven’t played New World.
What I said is valid and accurate. If you support them in any way they will ignore any sort of feedback and kill another title.

i think amazon is trying to cool down the hype a bit ^^
3 days no answers from devs in this forum and only beginner updates elsewhere…

To be fair, yesterday was a holiday. I expect them to be back in full swing today.

community never sleeps ^^
i would like the january update (with servernames and release times) better than every day a few replies in the forum

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I strongly agree they should atleast disclose early-access schedules for people to get organized. This is not just some random game releasing - there is a lot of hype around LostArk at the moment and big communities of people are joining.


It’s coming, and I apologize that it’s not here already. We had some new builds and changes coming in hot to evaluate, so we’re now pushing to get get the January Team Update out the door with the information we have about new changes to the game and address some FAQs and then follow up with additional articles as pieces of the puzzle continue to be locked in. With that in mind, the launch primer with all the server and launch day info will follow the January update and likely trail a few days behind.


I have seen several games say almost that exact thing then at the last min announce a delay, that they had to know was coming weeks ago. I hope that is not what is happening here.

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Yeah a bit concerning that we are so close to launch and we still don’t have confirmation to some of the most basic stuff we should know at this point

Oh nooo… Stop talking about delays I am impatient enough already xD

ufff smells like a delay.

It looks like they are making more effort to bring the game on the date they promised.

Let’s be optimistic


BRo chill, let them work, what do you want them to say? anything they say or do it’s wrong for you guys q.q


Thanks for keeping us informed about the January update. I’m curious to see what’s in it.

These are good news.
Better late than never for sure

Thank you very much for the update!