Japan Release Bundle

This might be a dumb question but was wondering if NA will eventually get the Japan release bundle with the character selection wallpaper? Did KR get it?

Thank you!

Most likely not. This is the west, everything is targetted at Americans. Other cultures don’t exist according to American “western norms”.


Watchu mean? We even got hanbok skins. The west is full of weebs. So japanese stuff wouldve made more sense
But i do agree with it not coming to west. AGS just sucks at negotiating. RU even got the JP “exclusive” yoho mount

The US is statistically more weeb than the rest of the world, only 2nd to japan. US populus, around 71% watches anime on a regular basis, only just behind Japan who’s first in the world.

AGS is clearly anti east though and pro westernization, those skins for JP were their launch skins. Ours were the lawmaker sets which sucked IMO. Same with the mount. It’s likely we wont get that because AGS “knows whats best”, apparently.

I know all those. My point was AGS just sucks at negotiations since RU’s publisher somehow got an exclusive from JP

Ye I mean, I don’t think AGS necessarily sucks at negotiating, they just aren’t going to even attempt to negotiate for exclusives from other regions because they probably believe skins like that wont sell well, due to their vision of the “west”

Imma put my tin foil hat for a bit and say the only reason for the hanbok skins we got is because someone in AGS was a fan of katanas. Ngl the katana for zerk was nice

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Did RU only get the mount or the whole bundle that came in JP? What about KR?

Not sure. All I could remember from a week of playing in RU is the mount. As for KR, also not sure. There’s like thousands of skins lmao

What you get for westerns norms are eggs and bacon. You not getting sushi and Wagyu. :rofl:

This is very untrue. AGS’s “western norms” are a reflection of the company, not Americans. These things they do are definitely not western norms but business moves to avoid any kind of negative press from the silly people at Kotaku that cry about everything in a way that gets it blown out of proportion.

AGs is just staying off the woke media’s radar to not lose funding from momma Amazon.

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True everything AGS does is self reflection so it doesn’t harm their company. What he tryna say I think is using “western norms” is an excuse for the decision they are making.

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AGS and SG don’t care about NA/EU version so I wouldn’t count on any release they already proven that they didn’t care a lot…

  • DC’s for months and not even a compensation
  • No Artist for anniversary
  • Censoring artist for "western norms’
  • No announcement for anniversary
  • Releasing witcher skin before artist release
  • No legendary skins because “can’t find a way to sell them for $400 without gambling”
  • No Rabbit lunar year event
  • Didn’t care about feedbacks around the golden frog
  • Keeping the black shadowhunter transformation skin despite backlash for months now “to better fit the western norms”
  • Doing only bad descisions against players instead of really making changes on the bot problem.

… and so on…


Can’t expect much from a starter publisher/developer. This game is a practice/test run for them.

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I thought crucible and new world was the practice/test run for them. :frowning:

Man, there ain’t no 71% of people watching anime in the US. It’d be shocked if it were over 20. I’m not saying it’s not popular, but you really ought to vet your sources a bit before spewing that gibberish.

There are at least a few hundred million people in the US, and I’d bet baby Jesus’s diaper there aren’t 200 watching anime.

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Man, with those kind of numbers, you’d have to have redneck boomers sitting there watching anime.

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This guy says it’s 18% and actually cites his sources, and he also points out that redneck boomers do not enjoy anime.

western norms XD when most people that play are from SA or EU. and they dont know what are this western norms are XD

That’s a huge W for redneck boomers and a big L for Naruto.

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