Japan Release Bundle

I would like to see some redneck boomer skins with overalls, flannel shirts, osh-kosh-b’goshes and suspenders.

Corn cob pipe.

I say Crucible is their very first fail published by AGS which was cancelled cause the developer Relentless Studio didn’t see a future in it correct? and they used those funds to help AGS make New World which also maybe a failure down the road. They are still very fresh off the boat. AGS is very lucky to have the opportunity to publish Lost Ark that hit steam at launch as the top #3 played games. If they fail as a publisher for Lost Ark, their future in hosting other games as Publisher will be very questionable to all well known developers.

Seeming amazon are constantly changing global lost ark to fit “western norms” don’t wait on it.

That was server exclusive, im pretty sure not even the KR server got that
Every server has their own exclusive skins
everyone saying shit like “no cuz westernization” are just dumb

Redneck porch wallpaper with tobacky spit cup, please.


Statistical analysis through internet traffic

On the other hand, your source is by a journalist for a media company :slight_smile:

Your internet link only uses websites to coagulate data that are either US or UK based. This means, that the people/data entries on those sites are of the domain .com or eu(.uk, .fr, etc) based domains and therefore never takes into account data from other countinents internet domains (.jp, .kr, .tw) etc. That’s important because there is extra content/newer content when you are going to the asian based domains in particular, most of the time anime/manga that’s not been released yet in the west.

Also the people who have rated naruto on myanimelist aren’t the only people who’ve watched Naruto. I’ve watched naruto and many other animes, and used myanimelist to find anime, however I’m not part of the site/no account, and have never added myself to any of it, therefore it’s simply an unreliable source of data if you are using it to gauge how many people have watched an anime as most people won’t have an account/be on there.

Not only that they admit to not counting streamings sites/platforms data as well.

Most people, if not all people who watch anime are watching it via crunchyroll in the west or other “illegal” streaming methods, and they don’t care about actually joining sites like myanimelist etc.

The rest of your sources, or their sources rather, are nearly entirely western media outlets…

The source is not cited.

They’re also not my sources. They’re the sources of someone who cited their article.

Which is definitely not the one you’re using, since there are no sources.

If the person wrote that for college, they would have received a bad grade, because they didn’t:

A) Cite
B) Watch enough anime
C) Drink enough beers and say “yep”
D) They be cappin’

“there are some metrics that use Google searches to figure out how many people in the country are looking for anime content and how many people watch it regularly.”


There are no sources required. For modern statistics regarding internet traffic, you access data via API’s thats stored in databases from providers, not guestimate based on finance or members of a anime on a particular site.

You don’t even know how to cite (Harvard Referencing is the proper notation, btw) properly if you think that journilist’s article you linked correctly referenced their sources. There is a standard in academia to citing, journalism articles are not that, nor are journalist arcitles rarely used for evidence for something because they aren’t peer reviewed, nor written by academics in the subject field. Journalists are an echo chamber of their company they work for their and their own personal thoughts. Any and all jouranlism almost always has some bias around it because they are media outlets, it’s non-scientific and not based for science.

Your journalist is simply a writer who writes topics like this.

“How to tell someone you love them” rofl.

We will never see any of the JP exclusive outfits in our version unless AGS hammers out a deal with their publisher.

Same reason we will likely never get access to the Japanese voiceovers either.

I actually do know how citations work. The person gave a general statement that in no way added credibility to their assertion. But let’s go ahead and give you that. You don’t think it’s a bit suspect that they claim that like 60% of the US population watches anime regularly?

You don’t need this to be true that badly, by the way. You can let it go. Doesn’t make your baby ugly.

Hmm me personally, not really.

I grant you that, the generalization of anime could be broad in the context of my source (worldpopreview) so that it could be any entity of the animation genre, not just specifically (and likely in our context) the weeb aspect of anime, like Naruto, demon slayer, Dragon Ball etc, so it could encompass like Toy Story, other Disney animations etc.

But lets say it is 60-70% of weeb/weeb-like anime, I don’t really find that weird either. If we take away the rednecks/aging pop of US, thats about 30% of them, they are likely not going to watch any anime. But I feel like a lot of people below 50 would, particular 10-40, would + do watch anime or close variations of it (like pokemon, which is less weeby, but still anime)

2 0 0 m i l l i o n p e o p l e i s j u s t n o t t r u e b r o t h a

The estimated population of the U.S. was approximately 331.89 million in 2021, and the largest age group was adults aged 30 to 34. There were 11.67 million males in this age category and around 11.43 million females.

It could well be, considering there are 22million 30-34’s alone in the US, let alone the combination of the other totals below 40.

I mean, every single person in my workplace (granted i work in IT) and 90% of my friends on discord all watch anime regularly, and we are from like 10+ different countries in the EU.

Hell I’ve even got friends as well who aren’t in IT, and are more into raving/partying/socializing, they work in finance or whatever and they don’t play any games, but they still watch some anime regularly like Demon Slayer etc.

200 million is 1 million times 200

It looks like this