Japan Voice Actor Please

Hello Lost Ark,

It’s been months since the start of the Global Release, I’m patient. It’s been months I feel bored and not excited to listen to NPC voice with English VA.

As a player i want to ask for a request :

Please put Japanese VA into Lost Ark regions EU/NA. I just think that japanese VA is much better than english VA. There are so many Weeaboo and Otaku out there wish, when they can hear the voices of their dream VA.

Don’t you want to listen to Vykas with Japanese VA ? HUH ? Obviously of course ! :100:

Thank you.


Just switch to the Korean VO it’s pretty good and way better than the English.

Ara ara!


no ayaya. no passion

Roxx has mentioned in a much older thread that the Japanese VO is unlikely to come to the western version because the Japanese publisher holds the rights to it and AGS has no relationship with them.

Convince the JP publisher to release it then