Japanese Voice-Overs?

I wish there were Japanese support.
The game is fully translated to Japanese because there is a Japanese version playable through Pmang in Japan, why not make it available to amazon also?
That would be a huge ressource to study Japanese and play the game at the same time, also for Japanese native living in another country to play the game in their native language…

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Would pay for a japanese dlc VO

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Hello guys, today I visited a Japanese stream and we were talking about languages, meanwhile I told her that sadly we don’t have Japanese Voice and mentioned many times in forum. She told me, they have the same issue with English, so they don’t have English and we don’t have Japanese. This is very very strange for me. After that I decided to contact Amazon Games, maybe they can tell me why is it like that? The guy from support told me Amazon Games aren’t able to decide which languages going to be able or not. He wrote to me it’s the decision of Smilegate RPG and Amazon can’t do anything there. Isn’t that interesting?

Dear Lost Ark team, please don’t get wrong, but I think our family here deserves a answer why, a little statement, a bit description about this topic, why we don’t get Japanese audio files and why our buddies doesn’t get English. We are a big family, aren’t we? Please smilegate, talk to us :frowning:

Gold River or whoever is the right person, I beg you, please make this happen :frowning: Somehow we have to reach Smilegate and I really really hope the kind mods here will help us QwQ


Please add Japanese Voices and if possible Japanese text too! I will love to play and read the stories in Japanese and hear the voices of my favorites Voice Actors! <3 Make the game global in Languages like Genshin and other games is so nice! /Sorry for my bad English ;; But I want SO MUCH the voices ;;

Is there any updates on the JP VO as a DLC? Us weebs will appreciate it enormously :upside_down_face: thanks again for sharing it with the team.

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Up up up uuup. I really wish they would add the Japanese VOs.

Not to take away from the EN voice actors but damn the JP voice acting is really really good. I understand licensing issues between AGS and pmang but would love it if the companies agreed to swap voice packs.

Im not surprised. The voice acting market in japan is top notch. Again not surprising seeing how the culture revolves a lot around anime, and having a lot of seiyuus.

They put a lot of passion and effort into everyline and character they interpret.


Not just voice options, give us text options for all available languages as well please.

All the info exists, just need to go bring it over.

Pleease, make it happen! It would mean a lot to me and to so many other people too!

I would pay cash for the JP voice DLC!!! and I guess I’m not the only one :slight_smile:


any news 2 months after “sharing this with the team”?

No news yet but I really hope we get a Japanese VO😭

Dont see the problem getting these VOs tbh or does Amazon not have the budget? Small indie company? “ItS nOt On ThE LiSt” yea yea i get it, nothings on the list that doesnt give profit eh?

yeah i want it too, pls AGS :face_with_peeking_eye:

Here to support the idea of Japanese VO


Yes please!!

+1 to this. Yes please!