Jeok's Barrier dungeon not marking off in the adventurer's tome


Just finished the storyline for the Anikka continent, decided to go back and fill out some of the adventurer’s log for the area and found the second dungeon; Jeok’s Barrier was still “Undiscovered”.
I’ve run this 3 times, twice on normal, once on hard and obtained all the makoko seeds and nothing, it’s still undiscovered.

I had the same issue. Turns out we were doing the wrong dungeon. Jeok’s Barrier is in Melody Forest. ^^

It looks like it’s a similar name to the 1st dungeon Jeon’s & Jeok’s.

Gibt es eine Lösung ? Habe das gleiche Problem. Kann die Stufe schwierig nicht abschließen Stufe einfach ist erledigt.