Jewellery Presets

So Recently I’ve been having an annoying bug happening on my main bard. I obviously have a dps set for chaos dungeons, and sometimes when I go to my preset for chaos dungeons, my support preset has been coppied there, I still have the jewellery in my inventory, nothing is lost, but the preset of yearning and support jewellery is replacing my chaos build, it’s annoying because i enter the chaos dungeon expecting it to be easy as always, but suddenly she’s dealing no dmg.

This is ths usual support build ( I can’t possibly take a screenshot of every item)

This is my annoying copied chaos build using the support gear and jewellery, only the equipped engravings stay the same.

and this is what the jewellery and stats are supposed to look like.

This has already happened to this character 3 times now, and I’ve stopped believing that i might have switched something. Only on this character, none of my other supports experience this

Thanks a bunch for reporting this, Moonarchy. I’ll get this over to the team.

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The team is checking into this.

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Just as a note, this support is the only one with Brelshaza gear, she has 5 pieces, excluding the weapon. my other supports are 1475, with only vykas/valtan gear. not sure, maybe that could somehow affect it.

Thank you for letting me know about this.