Joined 6x different chaos dungeon, at least 2-3 players in party are bots

so as usual doing my 3x alts run today, taking it easy.

Got in together with some players behaving weirdly and being slow pressing the OK to go next dungeon. Gave them a warninng and “player in invalid area pop up”.

Ask the rest of the party to warn and guess what. All players are invalid area as well!

Ok…maybe just this once…i am in coincidentally some botting party. Continue doing chaos dungeons on my alts…and come across more bots. wow.

So what we gonna do with this crap? and how long this will continue?

P.S - this is not about going in solo or not matchmake. My point is this is another can of worms still being ignored very much in the game by AGS/SmileGate. Player bots are on the rise and spreading like plague. My experience today out of 6x ALT chaos dungeon runs with 2-3 bots in each run is a bad sign.


why not just solo it?


Til we all say goodbye to the game. Nothing will improve unless their bottom line takes a hit and even then they’ll probably abandon the game a walk away with the easy money they made

why even have a matchmaking button?

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thats not even the point lol

Not a surprise considering the amount of bots.
But why are you doing chaos on matchmaking? every single normal player is doing chaos solo since day one, its solo content and everyone knows it. For some reason there are still some clueless people in matchmaking.

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MMO? I know it’s not really group content. It’s barely content at all. But doing things as a group is the norm in mmos

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Im surprised you could even find party for chaos dungeon, t1 and 2 are basically dead

But why not solo it?


its a t3 dungeon actually, 1340 dungeons.

thats not what I am trying to point out.

Till game will die. Fighting against bots would cost, so they dont care until they make profit. RMTers also spend money in Item Shop so it is not worth ban them, tbh is better to ban for nothing real f2p player than rmt, ofc nobody will do it, but if we talk about money this is reality.

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yes i get your point but i matchmake because I wanted to and i want to take it easy.

My main concern is the number of bot players in t3 dungeons. This is getting out of hand.

You just learned a hard lesson; always solo your chaos dungeons.

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Because AGS didnt realise 75% of the player base was going to be bots.

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I understand… But why not solo it?

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its regular players botting through ahk scripts too. On my server there’s a whole guild named Focus and all their alt guilds that script bot chaos dungeons all day.

honestly idk if it’s bots or just ppl who are half afk/don’t rly care
but i see more of those on my paladin everyday

Maybe he wanted to do some content with real people in a game that allows you to do it on raid once a week then locks you out of it?


Welcome to the club… Bots is very well known in Lost Ark