Joining an inactive guild

I’m trying to join an active guild but once I join a guild I find only one active member. When I leave I have to wait 3 days before joining another guild (Hopefully it will be active)

check the level before you join, if its relatively high its likely active if not then its dead or dying.

try looking for lvl 5 or higher, if anything lv7+ is really active, my curent guild is lvl 8 and there could be up to 15 people active at once.

Sometimes the fourm tab for guilds is usually the way to find if a guild is a fit for you. I say sometimes cause most dont bother to post. But id say if they post then theyd probably be pretty active.

Only thing about it is its not filtered very well, so its harder to find what region/server you want.

I’m on an NA East server, and the highest guild level that is not full is level 3. I did choose lvl 3 guilds 3 different times and all were inactive