Joining empty chaos gate because first one is full

So now for the second time in a row I’m waiting for a chaos gate with 30+ people. Then the thing spawns, apparently the first one is full and I’m getting put in an instance with 1 other guy. Now this guy leaves, and I’m there having to do the chaos gate alone (which I can’t obviously, so I also leave). Now my try for the day is gone while I didn’t have an honest chance to complete it. This also happened to me lately on a ghost ship…

Why don’t you divide people over multiple instances instead of filling one up and then leaving the few left overs to be screwed? Also why does it count as claimed while I didn’t get a single reward?

Yeah, It’s really stupid. We tried to clear a gate as 4 people once and got the last boss down to 40%, when the timer hit 0.

Truly a frustrating waste of time.

You have to be there 20 or 30 minutes before it starts. Maybe next time. Lmao