Joining to throw/spectate?

what is the recourse for players who get matched with someone who just watches? encountered this twice in 4 matches today lol. cannot let that be an effective way to farm plz it will encourage alot of others to do it too xD

They stright up removed Warn button so you cant block them from playing. So i guess they are free to ruin games.

This happened to me the other day. A few minutes later they said they had just loaded in. Then they went on to say how bad we were for being farmed so hard 3v2.

I hid in the enemy spawn and wished the fire would actually burn me to ash.

i’ve met these people too. A big correction is that, we are not talking about incidental dc/reconnect people. It’s more like they came in with 0 intention or minimal to fight. They don’t talk back neither so i assumed they came in to get the pvp xp and tokens, to buy mats.

Tbh, they could be watching a movie or something, just requeue everytime and get 80 tokens or so per lost match. The system still accepts tokens for mats, so technically they can progress pve gear by ruining your game experiences.

oh the ones i see talked lol. they said there was no downside to joining and afking and apologized lol. we really need a downside to this :frowning:

it’s funny how you need a downside for everything, otherwise people wouldn’t mind ruining others’ experience.

Humanity is BS.