Journey quest disappeared

I was doing my second awakening quest a while back and left it to keep progressing my character. Now I’m trying to do my awakening quest again and the quest line disappeared and tells me that I have to start over back in stern when I know for a fact that I completed it up to the x-301 facility. The journey questline isn’t anywhere on my completed quests and any of my characters. Is there a way to fix this because I don’t want to do this questline again it’s so long

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I am so sorry about the issue with the second awakening quest that you are facing.

  • Can you please share a screenshot of Journal (in progress and completed)?

  • Please confirm if there is any option to get the quest in the Journal itself.

  • Please check if awakening quest is ongoing on any other ALT character

Thank you!

Looking forward for your response.

The first screenshot is where it says I had completed up to and the second one is after me travelling between all the continents and found where it would let me retake the quest and made some progress on it.

I know I completed the x-301 quest because that one took forever but It’s nowhere on my alts or main character