JP is getting 3 months of summer event, we might too

If you’re worried about summer event/summer skins, remember we have 3 KR summer events to catch up on.

2019, 2020, and 2021.

The event releasing tomorrow is the 2019 event.

I imagine like JP, we might get 3 months of summer event in order to catch up on all the summer events from KR.


Never give up on your Dreams.

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We won’t find out until mid-December unfortunately as we can’t be told about anything in advance :frowning:

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Probably a better chance of Amoranth and Kyootbot asking me for a long-term poly relationship where they serve only me.

we are gonna get 3 months of delay content


You have some real copium there.
Especially making unsubstantiated claims everywhere, even when everyone else has seen the trend of Amazon’s mismanagement.

SG sucks. Don’t matter how good or bad AGS will be when the developers are as good as some high school basement kids.