⚠ Judgement effect Runes - Buff or Nerfed?

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Is it possible to have a breakdown and crunch numbers in regards to this or situational explanation how this would effect this combo please?

Is is a nerf or a buff overall and why?

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I can at least tell you it is a nerf but i cant give you crunch numbers.

Hope someone with info will.

Try ATK or Ohbenj channels you may dig info there.

Let’s say you have 30% CDR

Before when it was additive, you simply add the 15% cd from the combo to your current cd to get your new one.

So now you have 45%.

Now, since it’s multiplicative it’s not added to your base CDR and applied but instead a separate instance of CD applied AFTER.

So using the above mentioned situation, let’s say you have a skill with 10s cd.

Using the combo pre patch would give you 45% cd, and that skill would have a 5.5s cd.

After the patch, using that same skill would now have a 5.95s cd.

As I said before it’s applied after, so 10 seconds becomes 7 (30% reduction) THEN the combo (15%) is applied on the reduced value giving us 5.95s.

Might be a small difference but obviously it gets more intense the higher the skill cd etc etc

Tldr; It’s a nerf. Why? Because you’re taking the same 15% but now from a smaller number.


Thank you! In this case there is no need for higher quality runes and the green/blues ones would do same/similar trick roughly right?!

No, you do need highest quality possible.

Conviction : is on “hit trigger” G : 10% , B : 20% P : 30% L : 40%

So basicly better use a multiple hit skills for conviction trigger.

Then judgement is “on cast” and it has same rarity % system, so basicly you can easyly almost never get a judgement proc on a green one.

This is why almost every player i know that play judgement have farm 44 masterpieces for legendary judgement (me included).

As the others explained its a nerf. It might look like a small change but it actually does a lot in higher CDR ranges.

I made a quick chart, you can see the difference between “old” and “new” which means before and after the patch.

The yellow line and yellow column shows the difference in seconds of a example spell with 60s cooldown. Over the x-asis the cooldown in % is drawn which correlates mainly to your characters swiftness. As you can see the difference is increasing the more cooldown you have.
For example at 10% it is only a difference of 0.9 seconds. But at 70% the change leads to a difference in 6.3 seconds.

After all this means, the more cooldown reduction (swiftnees etc.) you have. The less impact the C+J rune combo has.

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Judgement says it’s on cast but it either works with multi-hit attacks like conviction or I’ve been rolling a 10% chance almost every time hahaha

Regarding proccs:
I tried to find a good source online which tells exactly when judgement and conviction proccs. Sadly I could not find any. So a friend of mine and me did some testing:

We both used different rune rarities, he used the purple (30%) and I used the green (10%) one.
I could observe that in multiple tests the chance of proccing judgement with a skill of multiple hits was a lot higher than 10%. Out of 20 successful conviction proccs, 9 times I could procc judgement.

Also I could observe that while casting the skill, the judgement text on the screen did appear at random times while casting. So it could trigger right at the start of the skill aswell as in the mid and on the end. That confirms to me that judgement triggers on hit.

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sorry everyone to necro this post but since its from May 9 and a update droped on 18 saying this:

“Changed how the cooldown reduction effect of Conviction and Judgment was calculated, by factoring in the cooldown reduction effect of Swiftness using multiplication instead of addition.”

im a bit confused, is it addition or multiplication thats taking place ?

Im not shure but i think it was additive before so you got a % added on top of your existing cdr like Magic steam… and now you get a % of your existing cdr… not 100% shure tho but that should be how it works…
Example if you have 10% cdr and get 10% additive you get 20% total, and if you get 10% multiplicative you get 11% total…

Actually its an additional 9% in the “above” case to 19% since its 10% multiplicative means you have .9 * .9 = .81 or a 19% haste. Note that swiftness adds CDR and high swiftness has much higher CDR thus the proc gives far far less.

Not shure i understand what you mean, was my example wrong?

The you did the 10% on top of the 10% which is incorrect as you stated it only gives an essentially 1% bonus which is incorrect. If you had 10% CD and got the buff, the new CD would be 19% total CD, not 11%.

Put it this way since you have to look at it fr if something took 1s to cast, 10% reduction would make it 0.9s. If you took another 10% off this which is multiplicative value it would be 10% of the remainder thus 0.09 reduction making the new cast time 0.81s or 19% CD.

Oh you are talking about accual effect, i was explaining the new value since he was asking about difference before and after the nerf… iam explaining as values would show up in game… what you are saying is not wrong but kind of only confuses things in an unecesary way since the question was what did it do before and what does it do now…

Your number was off though. Its not .10 x .10. Thats now how multiplicative works with regards to CDR. Its 0.90 * 0.90.

Bro give it a rest are you here to help or you just want to come off as smart by downplaying what people say? If you think im explaing it in a bad way for someone who wants help then explain it in a better way… what you are doing tight now points to lack of understanding… right or wrong why are you here bro?